Zoning was agreed upon from onset – Former Senate Minority Leader


Daniel Saror

Former Senate Minority Leader, Prof. Daniel Saror has said that  zoning was agreed upon from the onset: “I recall that while I was in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in 1999, when Obasanjo was being brought in to run for president, there were several meetings in Kaduna.

“Adamu Chiroma was there, Atiku Abubakar was there and several others. There was general consensus that because of the problem we had with Abiola’s death, the presidency must remain in the south.

“After that it should come to the north and that it should rotate between the north and the south. That was what was resolved at that time.

“It is interesting to hear Baba Ahmed say today that because the north has majority, it must always produce the President even when the north has had the presidency for so long but has very little to show for it.

“I don’t think that population alone will determine or be the factor. If other people are not made to believe that they too have a stake in this country, they will develop their own approaches or attitude to Nigeria and I don’t know how far that will benefit all of us.

“Let us have a Nigeria that belongs to all of us. So I expect the presidency to move to the south.

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