Release our members now, MASSOB warns FG… gives Buhari, Okorocha 48-hour ultimatum


MASSOB-igbo-3Piqued by the invasion of Ojukwu Memorial Library and the residence of its leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike as well as the consequent arrest of members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) by the Police in Owerri, the group has given the Federal Government 48-hour ultimatum to release its arrested members.

The movement also demanded the immediate withdrawal of the invitation given to Uwazuruike by the police, alleging that the invasion of his residence was an assassination attempt on Uwazuruike.

Speaking through the Regional Administrator, Awka South Region, Chief Arinze Igbani, MASSOB said: “We are giving the government of Nigeria 48 hours to release all our members abducted on Saturday, September 5, 2015 at Ojukwu Memorial Library and Uwazuruike’s residence. We are also asking the government to forthwith, withdraw the purported invitation to our leader, Uwazuruike, as we view the action of Saturday as an assassination attempt on our leader.

“Nigerian government should not increase its problem by trying to invite anarchy, where peace reigns. Curbing the Boko Haram insurgence in Nigeria should be its priority and not to look for trouble where there is none.”

The regional administrator said MASSOB was aware that the raid on Uwazuruike’s home and the plot to put him away in incarceration, were allegedly the handiwork of President Muhammadu Buhari and Imo State Governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha.

He said: “The duo should understand that Uwazuruike is not only MASSOB leader, but the Igbo leader after the death of Ojukwu. Directing the Inspector General of Police to arrest Uwazuruike is an affront on Ndigbo, because such orders cannot be made against the Sultan of Sokoto or any Oba in the West.

“We want to warn that whatever happens to our leader, the Ezeigbo Gburugburu II henceforth, we will hold the Nigerian President and Governor Okorocha responsible. It should be noted that MASSOB had never confronted the present government and is not against it. MASSOB is not brutal, not violent, but has carried its activities in the Biafran territories peacefully and does not see any reason for the Nigerian government’s invasion of Ojukwu Memorial Library, without regards to Ndigbo.

“We want to remind the Nigerian government of the content of the 1914 Amalgamation Agreement, which stipulates that on expiration of the agreement, any ethnic group has the right to be on her own if she desires.”

The movement called on the international community to give Uwazurike protection, because of the dangerous moves of the Nigerian government against him and MASSOB.

The movement urged all Ndigbo to remember that they are not in the present Nigerian government, because President Buhari has shown clearly his hatred for Ndigbo and had decided to tactically give his northern people the country as was the earlier demand of Boko Haram.

“Igbo and other ethnic nationalities still drinking tea with honey believing they are still in Nigeria may have to wake up because Buhari is not apologetic about his resolve to do the bidding of his people, which is to handover the Nigeria nation to the North.

“Though we are not interested if by tomorrow they make a formal declaration of owning Nigeria, we are only warning those in the Biafran land to open their eyes and be real Igbo.

“Ndigbo should stop being selfish and realise that the plot is to put Uwazuruike away, so as to make easy their plot to finally bury Igboland and also Islamise Nigeria.” (The Sun)

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