Wonderful Willie


Governor Willie Obiano
Governor Willie Obiano

Triumphalism is never in the character of Hardball so there is no attempt here to do a victory jig. On the other hand, putting thoughts (and even thoughtlessness) in perspective is his eternal calling and that is what is being re-enacted here now.

0n Monday, August 24, in a piece titled “Whimsical Willie”, Hardball raised his voice about a deliberate attempt by Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State to obliterate the modest accomplishments of his predecessor, Governor Peter Obi.

To Hardball’s mere 500-word note, a certain Gov. Obiano’s man had released about 1500 words denying that Obi had not been denied any due credit. But of course keen readers would have seen that the rebuttal was akin to a man trying to beat his own shadow to pulp. It was self-laceration, to say the least, but in the liberal traditions of The Nation, the aide had his space and exhausted himself thoroughly. He had his keep to earn anyway.

That was a month ago, Hardball gets all sorts and he merely takes them in his strides and keeps moving. But one is happy to note today that Governor Obiano has confounded busybodies which include Hardball of course. He has also handed Hardball his due vindication.

Speaking at a function described as stakeholders’ meeting in the state capital, Awka last week, Gov. Obiano was said to have showered praises on his predecessor, Obi, describing him as a great leader who laid solid foundation for the state.

Regretting the feud that had brewed between them in the past 18 months, Obiano said Obi laid foundation for a great Anambra State.

This, indeed, is the Hardball spirit. This is simply what was being canvassed all this while. It does not help to exert so much energy seeking to subvert and obliterate a predecessor. That is what a number of successors around here are wont to do today. As much as we would want to set the records straight, we must equally give credit and acknowledge people who have done their bit in serving the public.

We refer particularly to leaders like Peter Obi and one or two former governors who were exemplary in making genuine efforts at lifting their people from the morass of underdevelopment. Obi did not only bring an especial comportment to the office of the governor, he exemplified prudence and judicious use of state funds.

While most other governors were sinking their states six feet deep in debt, Obi never borrowed a dime for eight years. Instead he left a savings in the state’s kitty in excess of N75 billion. That is only worthy of commendation. For any successor to seek to undermine a feat such as this would be akin to self-damnation. That is not to say that we must not hold former leaders to account if we must; by all means let us do so but with decency and decorum.

Hardball hereby commends Gov. Obiano for taking heed and backtracking. He is hereby re-christened Wonderful Willy. His aides like to call him working Willie, but Hardball will rather let time tell on that.(Source: The Nation)

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