Why Peter Mbah is the man for the job, by Reuben Onwuka


The strength and lifespan of any enduring edifice is primarily foundational. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Enugu State has a rich history of enviable cohesion. The popularity of the party in the state stems from her leadership recruitment process that involves diligent background check of candidates in every election cycle. This measure ensure that the best amongst numerous aspirants are choosen without rancour. The case of Peter Ndubuisi Mbah readily comes to mind.

In many ways, the philosophical underpinnings of the PDP in the State which guarantee inclusiveness, employment generation and youth empowerment have continued to attract high number of members into its fold.
The State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi made it a policy that jobs requiring forthrightness should be given to the youth. Thus, almost all the Council Chairman and Special Advisers are in their forties doing great in their respective duty posts. In Enugu State, the PDP is strong, solid and formidable, and since the Advent of the fourth republic, the party never lost any general election and nothing has changed.

In his remarks at one of the PDP zonal meetings, the governorship candidate Dr Peter Mbah said, “One only hears about other political parties whenever there is a general election. ” Dr Mbah was right. What we have as opposition parties are usually hurriedly stitched and bandaged associations. Their manifestos are only known to the boards of trustees, they operate mostly inside a room and parlour radio station and every of their campaign message is woven around bulk passing, invectives and invidious attacks.

With the devastating economic pain in Nigeria, people are more interested in what you will do to change their situation for better than in fairy tale. Dr Peter Mbah appears more in tune with the feelings, desires and aspirations of Ndi Enugu.

He was the first to unveil his manifesto which he did in the open. The mammoth crowd at the ceremony was an indication of his acceptability across party lines. Capacity and character are virtues that you can not hide. No wonder why the business community, investors and private sector professionals in Enugu have adopted Mbah’s phenomenal economic blueprint as a working documents.

On Tuesday the 2nd of November 2022, at Ugbonabor, Awgu Council, the Greater Awgu under the able leadership of Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremadu collapsed their political structures to Dr Peter Mbah. The deputy minority leader Toby Okechukwu said at the event, “With the approval of our leader, we have decided to join forces with you because of your proven capacity to deliver on your promises. ”

Everywhere you go, it is endorsement galore, people are in search of a genuine and competent person to entrust with their mandate, and they have found one.

Gone are the days when empty rhetoric, hate speeches and vile aspersions can woo voters to a candidate’s side. Not anymore.
A party candidate should tell his people what he will do for them, how he will do it and what he has done in the past as a proof.

Robert Kennedy in his address at the University of Cape Town in 1966 said, “The future does not belong to those who are content with today, apathetic towards common problems and their fellowmen alike, timid and fearful in the face of bold projects. Rather, it will belong to those who can blend passion, reason and courage in a personal commitment to the ideals of society.” Dr Peter Mbah will face all the critical tasks ahead of us with rigor and vigor. He is cast in the mould of M.I Okpara, former Premier of the Eastern Region. We must grab the opportunity which Peter Mbah candidature is offering to us with open hands.

In Dr Mbah’s words, “Any CEO of the Lion Building should be able to speak the language of business.” All emerging economies including Brazil, Singapore, Thailand and Dubai are being led by smart chief executive and the results are there for all to see.

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