Why I support Biafra protests – Ex-governor Aliero

    Senator Adamu Aliero
    Senator Adamu Aliero

    Former governor of Kebbi State, Senator Adamu Aliero is in support of pro-Biafra protests but it is not because he wants Nigeria to break apart.

    In an interview with Vanguard, Aliero said the protesters have the right to demand for self-determination.

    “I believe in unity of Nigeria and in its indivisibility. For that, I am against the agitation for the sovereign state of Biafra,” Aliero said. “However, they have every right to protest. If there are genuine complaints or grievances, there is nothing wrong in people coming out to express their feelings.

    “If there are genuine grievances, either in representation in the appointments at the federal level or any organs of the government for that matter, you can come out and forward such to government. And government is duty-bound to address it. But without exhausting that avenue, you start agitating for succession, or break up of the country, I don’t think Nigerians will support that.

    “I saw a situation during the last National Conference, where people came out with a determined position, an agenda which they were bent to push through which, of course, could have led to the breakup of the country. But, when we started talking, we came to an agreement that Nigeria must remain an indivisible entity, irrespective of our grievances. We have more to gain by living together than breaking up. Nigeria is better as a united country.

    “It will be more prosperous, more attractive for foreign investors, than breaking up and each of the units tries to survive on its own. I don’t believe in that. I believe in being my brother’s keeper. God in His own wisdom brought us together through the instrumentality of colonialism. And we have come to love each other. Of course, there would be disagreement here and there. Even between man and wife, there are disagreements, but you sit down and dialogue. This is what I believe should happen. And for that reason, the agitation for Biafra is belated. It happened in the 60s. You cannot take us back to that era. We need to move ahead,” Aliero told Vanguard.



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