The evil traits we must eschew: Nkali (negative superiority), nkpali (disrespect and abusive behaviour) na mmegbu (oppression)


Osita Chidoka
Osita Chidoka

For Ndi Igbo and Nigerians in general, I have preached the message of applying Uche, Uchu na Egwu Chukwu as the triple virtues that will unlock our capabilities and lead us on a sustainable path to development.

To achieve this pivoting from the gridlock of Nigeria, we must eschew the triple evil rearing its head in our society.

The first is Nkali, the superiority syndrome where we all want to display our superiority over others through flaunting our wealth and the emerging income discrimination in our society.

The second is Nkpali, a disrespectful and abusive disorder growing like a stage four cancerous tumour. To disrespect and abuse elders and those we consider beneath us is now described as courage; we must excise it now.


The last is Mmegbu, that urge to oppress and suppress. Oppressing the poor and those beneath us is now a sign of success. The powerful and noveau rich identified by our convoys and retinue of hangers-on do not obey traffic or any rules. We have figured how to use state apparatus for our personal end. I will describe these vices in another post soon.

For our communities to thrive and our society renewed, we must eschew Nkali, Nkpali na Mmegbu. To shun these vices is critical in the effort to make the wealthy come together and deploy their resources for communal benefit and not impose their will on the community using their unfettered powers made possible by a corrupt and moribund Nigerian state.

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