The art of hypocrisy I find amusing

Janefrances Chinwe Iwuchukwu
Janefrances Chinwe Iwuchukwu

I know a certain woman who appeared to be a child rights advocate. She exuded a delectable aura which made her a people’s magnate. Her love for children was not hidden, as she publicly condemned child labour and championed quality education, with such grit embalmed with kindness.

Ironically, her help – a teenager – was ill treated. It was surreal to believe that the girl who was always shabbily dressed in the neighbourhood, lived with a woman notable for charity. Every errand was done hastily and with vigour, to meet up with the time allotted to each task. Delaying on duty always attracted severe punishment.

Daily, she would wake at 5 am, do some chores before heading to her guardian’s shop which was close by, to attend to early morning customers. At 9:30 am, she would close and return home to prepare for school. She was always very late to school, having to trek the 4 km distance. And would later return to the shop at dismissal to continue with sales until 10 pm. The cycle continues the next day. Meanwhile, the woman’s children were always at school before 7: 30 am, elegantly dressed.

I do know that some children who live with guardians experience similar treatment. However, what baffles me here is the deliberate attempt to appear to detest the same act being practised.

I have often wondered how we as human beings, impeccably perfect our hypocritical skills that we’re able to swindle, malign and still appear to be oblivious of what we’ve done.

Is it that the perverse clergyman who turned worship ground into a money-making centre and through fake messages hypnotised another man’s wife and eventually found his way in between her thighs, does not know that he has derailed?

Or is the electoral body whose name screams autonomy unaware of reality when its activities spoke otherwise?

We can’t exclude the judicial system which most of the time gave ‘justice’ to the highest bidder, leaving the innocent frustrated.

Have we not seen those with speckled sources of wealth become philanthropists and motivational speakers to young hustlers? They tell fictional success stories and advise others to stay off the path of fraud – which in the actual sense was how their money was made.

A lover who, though certain about not going down the aisle with the partner, would skillfully appear to oil the wheels of the relationship as long as the leeching era lasts, only to abscond at the end, and still have the temerity to openly condemn the same act when it becomes a matter of public discussion. Hypocrisy!

A man would plot the downfall of his friend while exchanging handshakes and smiles. Same way colleagues connive to ensure another is laid off.

Some ‘side chicks’ would criticise others committing the same act (they do in private), knowing very well they are all in the same category.

Masters would be on the lookout for the most infinitesimal offence to send packing an apprentice whose date of settlement is by the corner, but do the most generous donations in public gatherings in exchange for praise and recognition.

What about those who openly criticise immorality but are core visitors of sites of obscene content?

It is indeed amusing that we have been able to hone our skills in this art of hypocrisy to a great level. We have nurtured and watched it morph into a way of life. But then, where are we headed? Who is deceiving who? Is there a kind of satisfaction that hypocrisy bring? Does it truly make the quality of life better? This beats my imagination and I’m keen to know.

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