South-east region should be able to provide President 2023


Yoruba socio cultural group, Afenifere, the Middle Belt forum, Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) and other leaders in the Southern region have announced their craving for an Igbo president come 2023 general elections.

The groups announced that an Igbo President is the only vehicle that will escort peace, unity and inclusion as well as national development; adding that 2023 presidency by right belongs to the South-East region. Edwin Clarke, Elder statesman and leader, PANDEF condemned the attitude of regions who see themselves as “winners” taking it all, feeling entitled country, and are born to rule; and that, except they rule, the country is otherwise in anguish. This, according to him, was ruthless and declinable.

While stressing that an Igbo president would guarantee the peace and progress of Nigeria, the elder statesman pointed out that the South-East, like any other region, had the men and women, who are capable whom Nigerians would be proud of, to take the position.

Clarke said, “The Motto of Nigeria is “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress”. Where is the Unity I ask, where is the faith in our beloved country; where is the peace; and are we really progressing? Let us end the deception. I am a strong advocate and  true believer in the motto of our Country, and that is why my arms are open to all. But are we really advancing towards the attainment of this Motto? You cannot marginalize and oppress the masses and expect them not to cry out,” he said.

Chief Ayo Adebanjo, leader, Afenifere said the reason why the South-East region had not ruled was because the Northern people refused to give up power and have further devised a means to ensure that the Southern region remained unified.

“I asked Tinubu; do you think you will emerge president? They have urged Osinbajo to contest, they wanted to break apart the West first, then they went down to the south. I am appealing to South-South candidates; Wike and others, they are not helping the issue, they are facilitating the North; it is a game to split us, even in the South-East. The North never want to yield power having known the way to do it is to divide the country. The barricade remains ourselves; let us unite” he said.

Dr. Pogu Bitrus, Chairman, Middle belt Forum who gave the keynote speech, described as illegit the ambition of the South-West to seek the presidency, despite that Obasanjo was president for eight years and Osinbajo on seat for eight years as vice president.

He stated that by application, the zoning and rotation policy was to make it possible for each of Nigeria’s six geopolitical zone to  be able to occupy the seat of president for eight years over a 48-year period.

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