South-East committed political blunder – Oyegun


APC-logoNational chairman  of All Pro­gressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oye­gun, has said the South East geopolitical zone commit­ted political blunder in the 2015 general elections by putting all their eggs in one single basket. He said that act has denied them the opportunity to be part of the power equation in the country.

Speaking when the Tony Nwoye-led faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stormed the head­quarters of the ruling party in Abuja yesterday to reg­ister their intent to defect to APC, the party boss said the South East cried more than the bereaved over the outcome of the 2015 presi­dential election.

He, however, commend­ed them for the initiative to be part of forces, which determine the trajectory of the country.

His words: “I welcome you to the headquarters of the APC and I want to em­phasise that we are glad that you have come. However, I want to make it clear that we are not attempting to build a one party nation; far from it.

“We gladly embrace people like you because of the enormity of the task fac­ing this nation and the job of turning it away from the unfortunate many years of indescribable bad govern­ment by those people that misguided the trajectory of this nation.

“I am sure you did not come to join APC because it is now the ruling party but because there is work to be done. You people came from the area we consider as an important sector of this nation. I have close af­finity with the Igbo and I know the capabilities they have.

“I feel particularly pained that you find out that at a stage you put all your eggs in one single basket. It was so bad that even at the post-election, many people in the South-East cried more than the bereaved.

“The South-South even moved ahead and that was why I worked day and night to turn the ship of the South South round so that we can be part of the forces that determine the trajectory of this nation. That is what I precisely wish for the South-East.

“With your coming, other parties in Anambra State are dead because, strictly speaking, there is no other party in Anambra. In the long term, it is going to be APC and PDP but, now that there is no PDP anymore, it is going to be APC all the way.

“We all know that APGA is dead, I pity the governor and I thought you people should have even brought him with you. Your first challenge and assignment when you go back is to convert him,” he rounded off. (Daily Sun)

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