S’East govs should be blamed for zone’s marginalisation – Gen. Ijioma


South Eastern States
South Eastern States

A leading governorship aspirant of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, in Abia State, Gen. Ijioma N Ijioma (retd.), has blamed South East Governors for the marginalisation of the zone and its near exclusion in the political equilibrium of the country.

According to the retired General, lack of unity and patriotism among the governors, bad governance, greed and selfishness account for 75 per cent of the marginalisation being suffered by the zone while the Federal Government takes the blame for the balance of the 25 per cent.

He argued that if the Governors had selflessly deployed resources accruing to their respective states to develop the zone, the agony of the people would have been so reduced that they would not feel too marginalized by the government at the centre.

Ijiomah who noted that the rising agitation for Biafra is evidence of disenchantment by the people, advocated adoption of APGA as a regional party for South East to negotiate the zone back to reckoning in the political equation of the country.

He said that APGA remained the only hope of the South East to recover its lost political grounds, and urged people of the zone to massively vote for APGA candidates in the 2023 polls.

Gen. Ijioma who insists he is the best among APGA governorship aspirants in the state, promised to rebuild Abia from the ruins the misgovernance if voted into power.

” I still maintain that I’m the best in APGA because I have what others don’t have. I’m the only one that can win election and defend my votes at any length”, he boasted

On security, the retired General vowed to remove all military and police roadblocks in Abia, arguing that deploying troops without tackling the root causes of insecurity is futile.

” I will holistically and not superficially address insecurity.

” A Government that does not have any social programme to assist its citizens can’t have physical security.

” Prompt payment of salaries and pension is part of social security net that I will explore if voted into power.

” Emphasizing on physical security alone will amount to waste of resources. Our approach in tackling insecurity will be intelligence based and technology-driven.

” If I become Governor there will be no military and police roadblocks in Abia. I will use technology to fight insecurity.”

Gen. Ijioma who also promised to provide the conducive atmosphere for the private sector to drive the economy unveiled his five-point agenda christianed “5-Rs” – Rescue Abia, Repair Abia, Rebuild Abia, Restore Abia, and Abia Re-birth.

Ijioma who said payment of salaries and pension would be a first charge, said he would build large farms in each Council Area and senstorial zones to engage youths in farming for self sustenance and food security.

He promised to dredge the Azumini Blue River in Ukwa to link up with the Atlantic ocean for easy access to the ocean and for tourism.

The governorship hopeful who said Aba would be the flagship of his administration

He vowed to remain in APGA promised to build 400-bed capacity hospital in the state capital, 200-bed capacity hospital in every senstorial zone and 100-bed capacity hospital in every LGA within the first tenure to provide quality and accessible health care for the people.

He urged delegates to reject monetary inducements and elect the most credible aspirant with capacity to win the general election, promising to remain in APGA even if he did not emerge as the flag bearer.

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