Sandra Iheuwa’s husband, Thompson apologises for calling out wife on Instagram


Steve Thompson, Human hair merchant and husband to Sandra Iheuwa has tendered a public apology over his recent outbursts on his marriage.

On Sunday evening, the businessman and husband to Ubi Franklin’s babymama, Sandra Iheuwa via series of Insta story posts, revealed he had sent his wife packing from their matrimonial home.

Thompson claimed to have spent a whooping N45 million marrying someone he knew nothing about.

He accused his wife of excessively using social media, fighting everyone, adding these and many more are reasons why his marriage with her can never work.

But in a new development, Thompson, while tendering his apology, said his outburst was due to the misinformation bloggers were dishing out about his personality.

He however did not disclose if his matrimonial issues had been settled although Sandra Iheuwa recently reverted to his name on her Instagram bio and shared photos rocking her wedding ring.
The CEO of Royal Hairs further promised to work on a lot of things in order to be a better person and advised people to stay positive at all times.

He shared a video where he was being chauffeured in Monaco and captioned post: “This guy said you will love it in Monaco. I came from Paris this morning to see.

“Kindly pardon my outburst on Sunday here on Instagram, some bloggers were writing nonsense about my person.

“A lot will be worked on, being a better person is the best thing that can happen to anyone, all will be well.

“I came to Paris to get some air this morning, decided to visit the beautiful Monaco this evening. Be positive about life, that’s the only way forward.”

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