Rotational Presidency: Our fear of southern president — Northern elite


Mallam Ismail Hassan, a community leader in Rafin Zurfi, Bauchi state has agreed that it was the turn of the south to produce the next President, he was of the opinion that a southern president may not be fair to northerners.

He therefore suggested that the future president should emerge through a political and electoral process that guarantees that the north would be carried along in his government.

“I have nothing against the south. Anyone who will be sincere knows that for Nigeria to survive beyond 2023, the south must produce the president.

“Nevertheless, he must be a president that both southerners and northerners like and vote to make him or her president. He must be a Nigerian president, not an ethnic president, not a regional president, not a religious president.

“His antecedent must show that he is not someone that will lead the nation to be divided. In addition to that, the process should not be done with threat, violence and intimidation.

“No southerner can become president unless he gets the support of the north. I hope we survive 2023 and become more united,” he prayed.

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