Repair back to grind,Ngige to FG


The Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, has one time exculpated himself and his ministry of the proceeding strike exertion. He said his ministry’s influence was only to succor as a broker between the various government organs and its employees and not an unswerving proprietor of the unions. Rundown journalists on the custom of the 19th  National Productivity Day and Conferment of the National Productivity Order of Merit (NPOM) Award by the President, he summoned the members of ASUU to mothball their indefinite strike and reopen work while the government pursues to mark their ultimatum.

He also coerced the government side to precipitate measures on the reconsult of the identifications of aid of the university workers, so that it could have a working document with ASUU.

“As a bureau, we are not the straight employers of ASUU teachers, lecturers, pedagogue. Whether they are in polytechnics or colleges of education, or university. We are not their firsthand employer in the federal ministry of Labor and Employment. We have desks in profuse ministries, and when the employees have problem with their employers, the labour panel there, counsels them on how to control such chaos but when they flop, the union will now note and enlightened us that parley have splintered down and that they will act on industrial movement. When this transpire, we usually herd the employer and the employee, (the workers) to this table. We have almost 1,683 labour variances that we have placated here since I advanced and we have been successful.”


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