Queen Elizabeth: ‘I no dey put food for my enemy mouth’ – Uju Anya to Piers Morgan


Nigerian-born American professor, Uju Anya, and British broadcaster, Piers Morgan, have tackled each other on social media.

Anya had taken to her Twitter handle last Thursday describing the late Queen as the “chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire” and was subsequently locked out of the app.

Anya’s comments on the late Queen Elizabeth II sparked reactions from different parts of the world.

The university where she teaches distanced itself from her tweets.

On her return to Twitter after being locked out, Anya disclosed that Morgan wanted an interview with her, but said she would not grant him.

She said: “Piers Morgan calling me ‘vile, disgusting moron’ while his producer calling me for interview. Tufiakwa,” she tweeted.

In a reaction to her tweet, Morgan wrote, “I definitely want to interview you. I’d like you to try repeating to my face that you hoped the Queen died in ‘excruciating pain.’ But I suspect like most vile ‘woke’ trolls, you won’t have the guts.”

But Anya would not give up easily. She shot back once again, “No, Piers, you want to interview me, because your career died in excruciating pain, and you need the ratings. But I won’t let you chase clout off me. Like I said, I no dey put food for my enemy mouth.”

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