Popular Imo market bombed by unknown gunmen


There was trouble in a popular Imo market (Izombe market) located in Oguta Local Government Area on Monday as gunmen allegedly enforcing the suspended sit-at-home detonated a bomb in the densely populated area forcing both the traders and customers to scamper for safety.

According to Daily Sun, the gunmen earlier stormed the market to warn the traders to stop opening for business on Mondays, a directive that was disregarded by the shop owners.

Irked by their defiance, the gunmen set two vehicles ablaze in the market, which caused serious pandemonium before bombing the market.

As the vehicles went up in flames, the people in the market sensed danger and made effort to save their lives. The chaos led to many persons sustaining different degrees of injury as they made efforts to run away.

“They came and threw a local bomb inside the market and everybody started running for safety; they poured fuel on two vehicles and everywhere went up in flame,” a witness narrated.

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