2023: How Peter Mbah will make massive investments in Enugu creative industry, by Mike Ebuka


The cultural and creative sectors are important for ensuring a continuous development of our societies and are integral to the economy. When it’s based on knowledge-intensive individual creativity and talent, they generate considerable economic wealth.

According to a communication specialist, Marie-Ange Nouroumby, “Accelerating investment in the creative industries will help convert them into one of the most impactful economic sectors for the countries that are in urgent need of creating jobs.’’

The creative industry cannot be neglected or taken for granted by any visionary leader, as it is a principal part of multiple value chains that generate enormous added value and competitive advantages to any economy.

Furthermore, creativity plays a crucial role in building a much-needed social cohesion and cultural inclusion in many developing countries, providing a nurturing ground for economic growth and welfare.

In page 30 of his manifesto, the Enugu guber candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Peter Mbah identified a lacuna in our creative industry. Mbah had said that the intervention in this area of creativity will be carefully designed to build the capacity for Ndi Enugu that will enable them play key roles in creative ventures. The intervention, among other aspects of it, will be through partnerships with Faculties of Arts in our various universities/colleges and the stakeholders in Nollywood and the entertainment industry to build the capacity for the people of Enugu State to create value and wealth with their creative endowments.

Reeling out his plans in making this come to fruition, he stated that the state shall organize stakeholders’ summits to attract partners for industrial training and upskilling; facilitate collaborations for requisite curriculum development in institutions, and support private investors in equipping and financing the sector.

With his burning desire to get rid of unemployment in the state, Mbah said that his administration shall channel the productive energies of our young people to income generating ventures and enable them become employers of labour so that they contribute to the growth of Enugu GDP.

He went further to assure Enugu people that his administration shall invest massively in key areas of the creative industry through public-private sector initiatives to set up:

(a) The Enugu Films and Movies Academy for training and upskilling in scripts-writing, acting, directing, production, costuming and makeups, marketing, etc.
(b) The Enugu Film City patterned after Sun City in South Africa
(c) Enugu Arts and Crafts Village
(d) Enugu Fashion and Cosmetics City

And other related creative centres that he would establish, like:

(e) Enugu Culinary City
(f) Enugu Automotive City
(g) Enugu Solar City
(h) Enugu Furniture Village.

Each of these cities and centres will be a total hub in their areas of focus to help boost the creative industries, make the young people think out of the box, be gainfully employed, and enhance state overall productivity and revenue.

With all these plans, innovative investment, progressive policies, provision of adequate business trainings, and the strengthening of the operational environment of the creative industries can help lift millions of young people out of poverty and tackle a great deal of our socio-economic challenges.

Also, connecting fashion to the film industry will in turn contribute to boosting tourism and the hospitality sector, thereby making creative industries a key element to catalyze the growth of our developing economy. It’s time to wait no more because the future we look out for is here with us. With Peter Mbah, our Tomorrow Is Here.

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