Peter Mbah Media Office debunks fake stories on Mbah, Globul Bank and N2 Billion bribe


The Peter Mbah Media Office has reacted to stories being circulated on some social media platforms on the alleged indebtedness of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited to a creditor bank, dismissing them as “ingenious lies dressed in a garment of make-believe.”

Peter Mbah, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited, is widely speculated as the most favoured aspirant in the race for the governorship ticket of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Enugu State, on account of which he has come under frenzied social media spotlight from admirers and antagonists.

The Peter Mbah Media Office also debunked as the handiwork of “quacks who are suffering from sour grapes”, the allegation that he offered a N2 Billion bribe to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for the purchase of the PDP governorship ticket.

A statement issued by the office, titled “Globus Bank, N2 Billion bribe and other tales”, read as follows:

“We have read with amusement, yet more layers of lies orchestrated and peddled by desperate politicians and their hack writers who are scared stiff of competing for space in a fair political contest in Enugu State.

“The most recent of their concoctions are the ingenuous lies dressed in a garment of make-believe. This time around, according to them, the management of Globus Bank PLC has “initiated (an) action against Mr Peter Mbah for misapplying a 3 Billion naira loan he took from the bank ostensibly to revamp his ailing tank farm oil business.”

“According to them, the said bank was disappointed that “rather than apply the money for the purpose, Mr Mbah had dissipated the funds in the pursuit of his gubernatorial ambition,” and had thus “failed to service the debt as he promised to do.” It also alleged that “Mr Mbah’s substantial debts to another bank Fidelity Bank in addition to the one owed Globus bank should be of interest especially to salary earners in Enugu state because should his ambition materialise, the salaries of workers may not be paid as and when due”.

“The desperation of these evil-minded political aspirants knows no bounds. In their desperation, they murder logic and common sense, believing in the age-long notion that the minds on Ndi Enugu are fertile grounds for lies to germinate.

“These agents of falsehood will not bother to interrogate the ill-logic and ill-coordination of their thought processes, as reflected in this leaflet of puerile falsehoods.

“If they falsely accuse a man of being prosecuted by the EFCC for “embezzling huge sums of money,” in one breadth, how come the same man is so broke that in another allegation of theirs, he took loans from banks and the banks are about going after him for the debts?

“The questions to ask these delusional characters and their calumnious propaganda and character assassination machine are many and one is: will any Nigerian bank give loan to a man who is under prosecution? Do banks give loans to people without due diligence?

“Unbeknown to these charlatans masquerading in political cloaks, Mr. Peter Mbah is sitting atop an oil company that is this successful because he runs and has developed honest business relationships with banks and other stakeholders in the oil industry that are undergirded by honest business behavior.

“More fundamentally, it takes credibility, unblemished character and integrity for banks to support businesses to the tune of billions of naira as stated in those sponsored write-ups.

“Logic will clearly submit that the fact of the existence of a recent relationship with Globus Bank which these merchants of lies allude to, is evidence of Mr Mbah’s criminal-free record and non-inclusion of his name in alleged AMCON list.

“The fact remains that neither Mr Peter Mbah nor Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited has ever been indicted by any government panel or court of law, and their relationships with financial institutions remain healthy and devoid of litigations.

“In a related contrived statement credited to a non-existent NGO with the fake name “Enugu Patriotic Front”, it was alleged that Mr Peter Mbah “boasted to have given N2 Billion bribe to our revered Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, thinking that he can purchase the governorship”.

“It beggars belief that the governorship of Enugu State is available for sale to the highest bidder in the imaginations of these quacks who are suffering from sour grapes.

“To suggest that His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi can possibly fall so cheap to a bribe of any amount of money is an odious insult on the moral rectitude of our dear Governor for whom these unthinking characters continually profess undying love and reverence.

“We enjoin Ndi Enugu and Nigerians in general to be wary of these political demons on devious assignments. Mr. Peter Mbah is one of the cleanest politicians in this clime and will not be deterred by the unintelligent fabrications in his God-sent goal of taking our beloved Enugu State to higher pedestals.”

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