Peter Mbah: Disrupting the status-quo at the grassroots, by Darlington Arinze Nnamani


The recent town hall meetings held at the various Development centres at Aninri with the Enugu State PDP gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah to kick off campaign across the state has been adjudged by notable individuals as unprecedented, unaccustomed and un heard-of.

In all indication, it was evident on the faces of the people that a disruptive player has come to change the status-quo of governance in Enugu State.

The interactive session was an opportunity for the led to ask their incoming Governor pertinent questions and make suggestions of better ways through which quality service delivery can reach the people directly.

The town hall meeting as important as it is, will definitely help the incoming Governor to ascertain the peculiar needs and challenges of various communities in Enugu State ahead of his administration in 2023.

All the people from the visited development centres in Aninri were mesmerized, fascinated and enraptured by the profile and manifesto of the PDP gubernatorial candidate as he took time to dissect his plan for Enugu State.

The people of Aninri having heard about the success story of Peter Mbah’s Pinnacle Oil & Gas, and how he built the company from one room apartment to a multinational company with global impact, whose existence and dealings are defined by a passion for excellence, focus, creativity and innovation, were amazed as the news rekindled their hope that a new sheriff has come to town.

The Pinnacle Oil and gas limited, which he began it’s operation in 2008 as a neophyte in the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria, grew to an enviable height in the industry by 2021. This masterstroke was achieved in a competitive market already dominated by large players; it is indeed a clear testimony of his ability not only to appreciate situations, but to also overcome and prosper.

His impact and leadership prowess is not only felt in the private sector, his experience and contributions in the public service and governance of Enugu State in the past is yet another testimony.

Experiences haven served as a chief of staff, and also Marvellously as a Commissioner for Finance, in the capacity of which he headed many agencies. Those positions and responsibilities afforded him the opportunity to make indelible augmentation to governance and provided him the opportunity to learn and grind his skills in the art of public governance.

One of his focal point while discussing and interacting with the people of Aninri was his great plans to develop a Special Agro- Industrial Processing Zones in each Senatorial zone of the state. Each of the SAPZ will include catchment power sources, integrated rural infrastructure such as roads, ICT, water and sanitation, etc. to facilitate access to improved technologies: high yielding seeds, fertiliser, machinery, processing and other logistics equipments.

One of the objectives of his programmes in the agriculture sector is to “Feed Enugu State and turn the state into a food basket for Nigeria and a hub for export of cash crops”. Which the target is to eliminate food insecurity in the state by 2031 through massive investments in technologies for agricultural productivity in the state.

The guber candidate stated categorically that he shall make agriculture a profitable business that will create jobs for youths and women, increase factor productivity five folds, deepen agricultural markets, increase incomes to farmers and revenue contribution to the state; while also turning rural areas and dormant lands into agricultural productivity zones.

The people of Aninri North, South, East and West were happy to hear from the PDP guber candidate especially on how the Pinnacle Oil and Gas CEO was able to transform the downstream sector through his disruptive innovation adding all his lofty plans and dreams for the people of the community, they all said in unionism “Use your Pinnacle’s success skills to transform Enugu State”. We the people of Aninri are with you and will support you by coming out and voting you en mass.

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