People rent dollars to show off on social media, claims Tonto Dikeh


Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has advised the social media community never to be taken in by the various display of wealth or lifestyle.

According to the film star, people will go to any extent from renting dollars from ‘mallams’, to posting their friends cars among other things in a bid to project themselves as living luxuriously.

“On this app my people please don’t let anyone intimidate you with wealth or lifestyle.

“I’m an insider and I will tell you first hand, you may be doing way better than us.

“People rent dollars from mallams (bureau the change) just to show you all. Post their friend’s cars as theirs and accuse another of doing the same because omg them fake.”

Dikeh further advised people to live honestly as a fake lifestyle is certainly more expensive to keep up with.

“All na job. All na packaging. Listen, live your truth. It is more expensive to live a fake life than to be original”, she wrote.

She added: “It takes almost 300k to rent 5million in Ghana most go, in fact these banks who do these deals must be arrested lol. #jokes.”

It is unclear whether Tontolet is trying to hit at anyone with her post. She, however, captioned it: “My 2cents.. I can introduce you to the Mallam/Banker who RENTS for someone I used to know.

“#PS I meant jokes on the arrest but my information is VERY VALID.

“Don’t make anyone make you feel like you are not blessed enough or You are a failure.

“Understand that we only show what we want you to see and 70% of the time the braggers are more fake than my B$M.

“I don’t care who this hurts or exposes or attributed to, I am speaking to my fans on truth I know and they don’t, Mary had a little lamb Bayo.”

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