P-Square breakup sparks angry reaction


P-SquareFor Paul Okoye, one half of the musical group popularly known as P-Square, it’s lamentation galore. Following his twin brother, Peter’s decision to go solo on Monday, Paul yesterday posted a video online singing and bemoaning the group’s break-up.

In the one minute, 45 seconds musical video that has since gone viral, Paul, while singing to the rhythm of a piano, lamented that if their parents were alive, he and his twin brother wouldn’t have parted ways in such an acrimonious manner.

This is coming almost two weeks after Peter dropped his own single, Look Into My Eyes, and barely 24 hours after he adopted a new stage name, Mr. P and also unveiled a new record label under which he will henceforth release his albums.

In the song rendered in Pidgin English and entitled Call Heaven, Paul reports the break up to their late parents in ‘heaven’, insisting that if they were alive, he and his twin brother would not ‘misbehave’.

“Make I tell my mama say e don happen. Oh Papa na that level wey I promised you say e no go happen. If to say una dey for everything wey dey happen today, e for be say we no go misbehave… wherever you are, we no be who we were… cos if to say una dey for everything wey dey happen today, e for be say una go intervene… right now everything na pain, see your children dey misbehave.”

Meanwhile, the development has started generating angry reactions from fans of the musical duo across the country.

A fan, Nnah Chijoke, said: “See wetin woman do Samson, David nko? Even the wise one, Solomon. Now I remember Adam, which made him to blame God indirectly for giving him that woman called Eve. In every home when crisis wants to come, it will come through them called weaker vessels. When you love a woman so much, you become a fool.”

Another fan, Aijay Ohma, says: “They were together until wives came. Shame on the people who claim to love them but still can’t direct them in the right direction.”

Christian Obiora: “Peter Okoye is the cause of all this, I can’t stop hating him. I love P-Square, not Paul or Peter.”

Beeface Obiora Ohagwu: “If you have been exchanging shoes with your siblings before you got married, your wife will tell you that you are downgrading yourself.”

Uwem Michael: “That is life, they can now agree that ‘dey be two no be one’. Because they are twins does not mean they can’t go about their business separately and still love one another.”

However, another fan, Ugo Shedrack dismissed the rumoured break up saying that the entire episode was a well choreographed stunt to boost their market value. “It’s just a business strategy to sell new albums separately,” Ugo tweeted.

There have been feelers that all was not well in camp of the Okoye siblings. The first feelers emerged months ago and was reinforced when they reportedly fired their manager-brother, Jude. Then, fresh feelers that the twins were having problems with each other and may  part ways soon followed. (Daily Sun)

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