Okorocha condemns pro-Biafra protests


Protests by IPOB members in Port Harcourt
Protests by IPOB members in Port Harcourt

Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha has condemned the pro-Biafra protests in Anambra, Rivers and Delta states.

The protests were against the arrest of the director of Biafra Radio, Nnamdi Kanu.

Okorocha said the protest or any other activity of the separatist group did not have the backing of any Igbo leader or the Southeast governors.

A statement by his Chief Press Secretary Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo said: “The ugly development is highly regrettable, especially when it is clear that such violent protests in the name of Biafra wouldn’t add any value to the development of the Southeast and the progress of its people.

“The governors and leaders of the Southeast condemn the protests, especially when they were done in the name of Biafra. If a section of the people or even the entire people protest the bad shape of the Federal roads or the neglect of the zone, every governor and leader in the area would support that, but not a protest over an issue that is neither here nor there.

“The Southeast is an integral part of Nigeria; the leaders believe in the unity of the country and would always work towards sustaining that unity. And as far as the governors and leaders are concerned, those behind the campaign for Biafra have their ulterior motives, which has nothing to do with the corporate interest of Ndigbo.

“The concern of the governors and other Southeast leaders is to get what is due for us; any other quest, especially for Biafra, is diversionary”.

Okorocha urged those behind the protests to give peace a chance, warning: “some people could get involved in a protest whose end result wouldn’t benefit Ndigbo in any way.” (The Nation; Photo credit: Vanguard)

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