Nsukka/Igboeze South Seat: Rep accuses police of conniving with his opponent

IGP Solomon Arase
IGP Solomon Arase

A member of the House of Representatives, Dr Patrick Asadu, has accused the Enugu State Police Command of allegedly working in concert with his opponent to try him on trumped up charges of forging a result sheet in an election matter before the Supreme Court.

Asadu said that his opponent in the case, Engr. Newton Ikechukwu Ugwuegede reportedly abandoned an appeal he filed at the apex court and approached an Enugu Magistrate for the same matter which he said, he had won at both the High Court and the Court of Appeal, adding that the “smear campaign and mind games,” was to “deceive the unsuspecting public and play mind games with the respected justices of the Supreme Court who are presently reviewing the matter.”

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Asadu spoke at a news conference in Enugu:“My crime was just my contesting with and defeating Engr. Ugwuegede in the December 6, 2014 Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Assembly primaries held in Nsukka, the Headquarters of Nsukka/ Igbo-Eze South Federal Constituency of Enugu State by the PDP National Assembly Electoral Panel and refusing to have my mandate stolen by Ugwuegede, his sponsors and their cohorts.

“It has, however, become necessary for me to state the facts to, at least, expose the fallacies and mischief behind their sterile plots to tarnish my hard-earned reputation, deceive the public and play mind games with the respected justices of the Supreme Court who are presently reviewing the matter.

“The result sheet in question was only handed over to me by the returning officer at the primaries after the results were entered into it and both the electoral officer and the returning officer who brought the document from the PDP State office and from whom I got the signed result sheet duly entered their full names, signatures and PDP membership card numbers for easy identification. I am, thus, being accused of a document that I did not produce, author or sign while those who procured, signed them and gave them to me were never asked about whether they procured the document, from me and whether they signed and gave them to me.

“Neither the electoral officer nor the returning officer was invited or questioned about the forged document they signed and gave to me. Yet, the investigation had indicted me for accepting the result sheet! (Vanguard)

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