Neglect of Ndigbo in power rotation sending wrong signals — Nnamani


Chimaroke Nnamani
Chimaroke Nnamani

Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, former governor of Enugu State and senator repre­senting Enugu East in the National Assembly, has expressed concern over the continued neglect of the South East zone in the pow­er equation of the country.

According to Nnamani, the neglect is sending a signals that the region is unwanted in the Nigerian union.

Dr. Nnamani also said that the abysmal perfor­mance of the All Progres­sives Congress (APC) is enough to return the Peo­ples Democratic Party (PDP) to power in 2023.
Nnamani, who took stock of the ruling par­ty since 2015, submitted that APC’s performance is enough to pass a vote of no confidence on them.

The lawmaker said: “If we were under a parlia­mentary system of gov­ernment, the APC would have received a vote of no confidence and be sacked for nonperformance while the PDP should take a bow and be elected to govern Nigeria.”

Nnamani in a statement listed ceaseless amount of loans, rising unemploy­ment, skyrocketing foreign exchange rates, inflation, insecurity, labour unrest, lack of infrastructure and resort to blame game, the trade mark of APC that have brought the nation’s economy to its knees.

Answering questions on Arise Television anchored from Abuja on Sunday night, according to the statement, the former gov­ernor, who is in the front­line of those being men­tioned as possible running mate to PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abuba­kar, for 2023 general elec­tion said the PDP should brace up to the challenges to save and rescue Nigeria in 2023.

Senator Nnamani lamented that successive administrations at the centre have ignored and jettisoned power equation which traditionally rec­ognised the South East as one of the legs of the tri­pod in the power equation of the country.

He went down memory lane on the power equation in Nigeria and pointed out that “since Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe (rtd) was eased out of number two position under military President Ibrahim Baban­gida, no South-Easterner has been considered for ei­ther the president or vice president.

“This is the dilemma of the Igbo man. We have been shortchanged in the leadership of Nigeria. This is not the nation our pro­genitors negotiated for. It is against the spirit of a Ni­gerian union where tribes and tongues may differ but in brotherhood we stand.”

The former governor lamented that the Igbo in spite of their spread across the length and breadth of Nigeria and beyond are now pseudo minority on account of the tragic cir­cumstances including but not limited to military in­cursion into government.
Senator Nnamani que­ried, “How can we (Ndig­bo) be proud to belong to a union where we cannot aspire or be considered for top positions.

“If 2023 passes without the South -East being ac­commodated in the power arrangements, we would have to wait for the next 16 years and will be out of power reckoning for 40 years from 1999.”

He said the PDP has a window of opportunity to correct the imbalance against the South-East, affirming that the zone has kept a clean slate and maintained political fidel­ity since 1999.

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