National News Grid: ‘Buhari govt has collapsed all its supposed to build’ – Nigerians cry out


Nigerians have fished out President Muhammadu Buhari administration over the reoccurent collapse of the national electricity grid in the last few months. On Friday being the 8/03/2022, the national grid collapsed,marking the third time in a space of one month. The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AEDC, alongside other power distribution companies, apologized for power outage. This did not go down well with Nigerians who have taken to social media to express their frustration. According to them, everything under Buhari-led administration had collapsed, leaving all Nigerians striving to survive. Here are some comments gathered by minute media platforms especially from Twitter:

@LekeAkoki “It is not only national grid that has collapsed, it is everything that has collapsed in Nigeria, nothing is standing.”

@ChumaNnoli “Nigerians are suffering from another collapse of the National Grid. Plus economic hardship from corruption caused by National Greed. Yet we are still managing to survive cos we are a special Breed.”

@AlliOlabisi “What has not collapsed in the past few years? Elections and voting have consequences.”

@AbiodunOmole “Is there anything in Nigeria that hasn’t collapsed. The government, economy, security, education, health care.”

@ChuckObidimma “Everything else is collapsing. If you are the national grid, will you stay? You will collapse too na.”

@Tutsy22 “National grid has collapsed 5 times in 2 months! Now you know why a Scottish University used Buhari to illustrate lazy and insensitive leaders.”

@Morris_Monye “How can National grid collapse again? Where are we heading to in this country? What is this!”

@EkohCletus “They campaigned that Jonathan is this and that, thinking that they can do more than Jonathan but no be so. It is a very big lesson for them to know that leadership is not easy. How many times did the national grid collapse during Jonathan’s time?”

@CiromanWase “Suffering but smiling Nigerians, there is just no relief for us, national grid collapses for hours if not days and it’s business as usual, no one is ever called to account for such a serious occurrence.”

@Tosinlax “Nothing is working under this Buhari regime.”

@KunleAlbert “The States would manage the electricity better. They should be allowed to generate, operate, distribute, and would have a better experience.”

The above and even more (including insecurity of lives and properties) has made Buhari regime a failure to Nigeria.

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