My administration will establish a Citizen Performance Charter in Enugu, Peter Mbah


For a long time now, the problem with political candidates’ manifesto has always been the political will to deliver the campaign promises when elected. It is only a default expectation that the people of Enugu would ask the PDP guber flag bearer, Dr. Peter Mbah this at the Enugu Business Community Town Hall Meeting with the Governorship Candidates.

Speaking during the interactive session at the event, Dr. Mbah reassured ndi Enugu of his readiness to deliver, to drive Enugu economy from a public to private sector driven economy by doing things differently from public service to civil service and to the private sector.

On the issue of assurance of delivery, he stated that his administration would establish a Citizen Performance Charter where the citizens would express their views about his performance so far every quarter. This way, the citizens can keep track of his promises and their resultant delivery. This goes further to cement his special pledge to the people of Enugu that his administration will run a people-focused government built on accountability and total transparency to the citizens.

This will also enthrone a genuine bridge of trust between the government and the citizens, and also bring a fresh, exciting engagement to the polity of Enugu State.

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