Ministerial appointments: ‘South-East lost out as usual’

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu
Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

A key stakeholder in Ebonyi State, Chief Abia Onyike yesterday described President Muhammadu appointment of Ministers as lopsided and unbalanced considering the portfolios that went to the South-East geopolitical zone of the country.

“Looking at the pattern of the allocation of portfolios, it is clear that the key ministries went to the North and the South-West. The key ministries in the North include Petroleum, Agriculture, Defence, Justice, FCT, Internal Affairs, Environment and Information.

“The South-West equally had juicy ministries such as Communications, Health, Power, Works, Housing, Finance and Solid Minerals. The South-East lost out as usual with peripheral ministries with the exception of Enugu State which got the Foreign Affairs portfolio.

“It is also clear that Babatunde Raji Fashiola has emerged a Super Minister (Power, Works and Housing) while Chibuike Amaechi occupies a low ranking ministry (Transportation).

“This pattern of appointments reveals that Buhari is still rigidly committed to the statements he made in the USA, to the effect that he is only out to favour those who voted for him during the elections of 28th March.

“It equally shows that unlike Jonathan who was afraid of the core North and did all he could to woo them in spite of losing elections there, Buhari has no plans to adopt a flexible attitude towards his perceived opponents.

“Such an extremist and isolationist posture is a disservice to national peace and stability”.

Also, Senator Emmanuel Onwe added that “The president has missed the opportunity to reassure the  people of the South-East that there is broad mindedness, fairness and equity at the heart of his government”.

Of the five ministers from the South-East states, only Geoffrey Onyema (Enugu) was assigned what is generally considered as a ‘Grade A’ ministry. Others Chris Ngige – (Anambra) Labour & Employment, Ogbonaya Onuv- (Ebonyi) Science and Technology, Okechukwu Enelamah (Abia) Trade, Investment & Industry, Prof Anthony Onwuka (Imo) Minister of State, Education

(Vanguard, The Easterner)



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