Meet KELVIN OKWUIBE: Nigerian bizman shooting dope music videos for artistes in South Africa


kelvin-okwuibe-3Kelvin Okwuibe, widely known among his people as Alajoe Kelvano is a big figure in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been in the country for years and has done very well for himself. Before now, Kelvin was known as one of the biggest players in the fashion industry in South Africa, with his trademark fashion label, Kelvano, which has outlets in Johannesburg, Cape Town and in Tanzania. He also opened an outlet in Nigeria not long ago. Right now, he has expanded his business and is now a key player in the entertainment industry with a reasonable investment.

He established another company, Playback Production, a trademark outfit that is into music and video production in South Africa. The outfit is now one of the big production outfits that produces music and musical videos for artistes in South Africa and also from Nigeria. Playback Production’s posh studio is in Johannesburg.

Speaking to CityScoopNg about the outfit, Kelvin said: “we have produced a lot of artistes in South Africa and some up and coming Nigerian artistes, whose music video shoots we do here including the likes of Young Cee, Kaycee George, Sinowhiz, and Tipsy Kelvano.kelvin-okwuibe-4

“We also have a gospel artiste, Ifeanyichukwu Nweke. Playback Production has a great team that we call the Playback Team. We just finished shooting the music video of a new Nigerian-South African artiste, Jazzy Tribe” he said.

“At Playback, we have all kinds of video cameras required for shooting latest musical videos, starting from 5D Mark 3, Red Dragon, Alexa, all of which we give out at affordable prices. We also have great directors, and a sound DOP, David Kabale, an AFDA Film School Cinematographer. We have a whole team of media directors who are doing a great job to make sure that we give our clients dope videos too”, he said.

kelvin-okwuibe-1Kelvin himself has also taken to music. His stage name is Alajoe Kelvano. “Watch out for my new single, Polokwane featuring DJ Galid, it is a great song that will keep people dancing. It is produced by DJ Galid under Playback Production”, he said. (CityScoopNg)




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  1. Kelvano, this is good and inspiring! That’s the Ozara spirit. Keep bringing us good name because you have a heritage of good labour.
    The Easterner Manager, let is know when Kelvano’s single hits Nigeria, please.

  2. Who is the Editor of the Easterner. We need to know. How do we get hooked up without this blog?

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