Meet Anambra-born Onuora Chibueze Paul, CEO Grace Nation Group Of Companies


It is always heartwarming to see young Nigerian entrepreneurs break down barriers. They channel their youthful energy into creating solutions, shifting the paradigm and creating impactful changes.

One of the most daring of this lot is Onuora Chibueze Paul, the Chief Executive Officer of Grace Nation group of companies. Onuora Paul, who is also fondly called Hononourable Exkid, presides over Grace Nation Entertainment and Grace Nation Building Materials.

Through Honourable Exkid’s Grace Nation Entertainment, young music and comic talents have been given hope and platform to showcase their talents and achieve their dream. The businessman identified entertainment as the most accessible sickle to help and assist hugely gifted up-and-coming entertainers in the country, who only need a platform.

Honourable Exkid is however, insistent that young acts and performers signed by his entertainment company are talented and creative; factors he said the company must maintain to stay unique in the already-saturated market.

“The kind of talents the label look out for must meet a set of well-defined criteria which include having a nice voice, being creative, being passionate about music and having the stamina and strength to go far in the competitive music industry”,Honourable Exkid’s stated.

He added that, “in Grace Nation Global Entertainment, I believe will be great in the upcoming years as it will be known for producing good music that people would always love. We hope to push the organization forward by producing only the best of music, and I believe that in the next five years, we will be able to meet some of our set objectives”.

Honourable Exkid, who set out into business after his education at the Federal Polytechnic, Oko, is passionate about the welfare of the underprivileged in the society. The Anambra State-born visionary business-savvy Onuora Paul carried out charity outreaches across the country, and as far across the border in Ghana, where he recently visited the Osu Children’s Home, where he donated crucially needed food items and household supplies.

“I have done the same thing across Nigeria quietly before extending it across the border to Ghana.

“The drive to give back to the society has always been part of me since my days as a student at the Federal Polytechnic, Oko. When I ventured into business, I made it part of my business philosophy, which is what is conventionally called Corporate Social Responsibility in business.

Philanthropy is not only a CSR for my business, but it is also my commitment to the betterment of humanity, and I am especially biased toward orphans”,added Honourable Exkid’s

Honourable Ex-kid has also been sharing his experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs, urging them not to give up, even in the face of apparent drawbacks.

“In business, when you fail or suffer a setback, accept the fact that you made mistakes, adapt fast and move on to the next phase” said.
Honourable Exkid’s.

He added that, “When I started my business, I didn’t strategize to know what comes first or how to run the enterprise, so when I ran into problems, I almost ended up bankrupt. But I overcame the challenges and now, I try to avoid unnecessary challenges by working hard and working out issues that could bring about setbacks to my business.”

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