Mbah, Enugu PDP guber candidate salutes Enugu citizens, Ugwuanyi, on the state’s 31st anniversary

Peter Mbah, 

The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Enugu State, Dr Peter Mbah has sent a message of congratulations to the people of the state on the commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the creation of the state holding today.

Mbah in a statement in Enugu, Saturday morning, August 27, said he was joining the good people of the state in thanking God for the milestone in the life of the state and for the tremendous progress in human capital development, new infrastructure, healthcare delivery, education, and an enduring legacy of peace and security.

Mbah paid tributes to the heroes of the struggle for the creation of the state and the past and present leaders for their immense contributions to the development of the state.

“We are eternally grateful to our founding fathers for their heroic roles in championing the protracted demand for the creation of Enugu State. We recognize in no small measure, the efforts, sweats and bruises sustained by our fore-bearers in the course of the struggle. We pay tributes to our leaders, past and present, for their patriotism, courage and immense contributions to the development of the state and the welfare of its people.

“I am glad that the struggle for the emancipation of the Wawaland and indeed, the good people of the land materialized through the creation of Enugu State on August 27, 1991. Looking back from where we are coming from and where we are today, we can only thank God for His mercies and blessings on the state by giving us responsible and proactive leaders who have laid strong foundations for the all-round development of the state. We have made progress under the different PDP administrations in the state, and this will continue to be sustained,” the statement read.

According to the statement, the founding fathers of the state would be happy wherever they were, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi having sustained their dreams through the uncommon legacies of his administration over the past seven years.

“I want to specially congratulate our leader and father of the State, His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the Government of Enugu State, and indeed the good people of the state as we mark the 31st anniversary of the creation of our dear state. Let me also us this opportunity to felicitate all the residents of the state for keeping faith with the progress and hospitality of the state and for their contributions towards the state’s growth.

Further commending the uncommon transformation Enugu State has witnessed through the prudent, pragmatic and disciplined management of the lean resources in the state by the Ugwuanyi administration, the governorship hopeful noted that the splendour of the state will continue to re-echo hope, patriotism, and fulfilment for the Waawa people including the next generations, adding that the dreams of the founding fathers of the state have been vindicated through Ugwuanyi’s selfless commitment and dedication to the service of the people.

“The most pertinent agenda of our founding fathers was how to liberate our people and bequeath them a state they could boldly call their own, make exploits and live in peace. The governor has been able to champion this through the support of our good people. Governor Ugwuanyi’s governance is anchored on the pillars of peace, security, rural and urban development, quality education and healthcare, women and youth empowerment, equality, equity, justice and fairness. He has shown this through uncanny industry to transform the state,” the statement added.

Recalling that the governor came to office to further the actualization of the goals of the founding fathers of the state, Mbah who referred to the inaugural speech made by Ugwuanyi during his swearing in ceremony at Okpara Square in 2015, said the governor has nurtured a peaceful, secure, prosperous, just and equitable society where all citizens have equal and equitable opportunity to live, work and enjoy life to the fullest.

“The recent ranking of Enugu State as first among public secondary schools that participated in the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) examinations in Nigeria in 2021, is a sturdy testament to the high quality of education nurtured in the past seven years of his administration”, he added.

Mbah who further praised the people of the state for their love and spirit of patriotism by putting the state first stressed he was proud to identify with them on the occasion of the commemoration.

“As an ordinary citizen like every other person, it gladdens my heart to recognize the important role the people have been playing to see that the dreams of the founding fathers are sustained through their support for all the administrations in the state. Our people have been reinventing themselves through the opportunity the PDP administrations have made available to them and this has created a symbiotic synergy between the governors and the governed.

“We salute the peaceful disposition of the people and pledge to continue to forge harmonious relationship with the state government whenever we are called upon”, the statement read.

Mbah said that if elected as governor in 2023, he would devote himself to the task of building the state towards the realization of the Enugu dream.

“It cannot be gainsaid that despite all that has been achieved over the years, we are yet to achieve the Enugu of our dream. It is a task to which I am committed with every fiber of my being. Our ambitious plan of growing our gross domestic product (GDP) from the present $4.4 Billion to $30 Billion will propel our beloved Enugu to one of the top three states in the country. Our ultimate goal is for Enugu to become a preferred destination for business, living, tourism and leisure. Once again, congratulations!”

Dan Nwomeh
Head, Peter Mbah Media Office

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