Lady shares pregnancy transformation photos, netizens react


A Nigerian lady identified as Jenau07 on TikTok has shared a photo slide revealing how her body transformed during pregnancy.

The proud mother who recently welcomed her baby girl has got a lot of reactions from Nigerians on TikTok after sharing the photos.

Some social media users referred to her as the winner of the pregnancy transformation challenge because her physical change was phenomenal.

In the photo slide which she shared via her official TikTok account, she looked so different before pregnancy and after.

Jenau said she used to be the one laughing at pregnant women until life played one on her. In another video, she showed her babygirl whom she revealed fought hard to survive against all odds.

Below are some of the reactions from netizens:

@ayuuun145 wrote: “It hit you and then it slapped you and hit you again .”

@queenroro045 reacted: “The pregnancy nose I don’t know why our nose has to get so big lol that had to be a girl child .”

Angel Khaleed wrote: “Omo na you win the pregnancy challenge ooo. No cap.”

@shanecetv commented: ” it really humble you darling I don’t know why during pregnancy the nose increases.” Sammy Delight said:

“This has to be the funniest I have ever seen. All hail the winner.”

@krystinaxo6 added: “It happened to me and my friend too! Pregnancy glow? No… pregnancy nose yes….”

Daniela Chisa wrote: “I went to your page to see your real pictures and I shouted Jesus. What a life.”

@starsmoon57 asked: “Were you carrying a boy? They say if your nose goes to that shape it means you carrying a boy .”

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