IPOB threatens Uzuakoli Community over land sale for Correctional Centre



The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has warned the people of Uzuakoli in Abia State to refund the money paid to the community by Federal authorities to build a Correctional Centre or be prepared for dire consequences.

In a press release signed by the media and publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, the pro-Biafran group reiterated that its ban on selling of land “to Fulani Government in the name of building projects is still effective”.

They lamented that “despite its warnings and enlightenment on the evil plans of Fulanization agenda, some criminals in Uzuakoli Community in Abia State have colluded with Fulani Government to sell Uzuakoli community land in the name of building Federal Prisons”.

It said the transaction is a hoax and that the community leaders were deceived into believing that the government will build the correctional centre in their community and believed it was because of monetary gain.

The IPOB warned that it will not accept the situation and will fight the sellers beyond their graves until the sellers refund the money.

“Let nobody blame IPOB in whatever actions taken to safeguard our land and people in Uzuakoli Abia State”, the statement read.

It argued that “already, there are Prisons at Umuahia and Arochukwu that are border communities with Uzuakoli. What then is the essence of citing another Prison at Uzuakoli? That shows that something is fishy about the project. Come to think of it, what benefit of building another Federal Prison in Abia State let alone Uzuakoli?

“Why didn’t Fulani think of building companies, hospitals, markets, schools and shopping malls in Uzuakoli?”, it queried.

It feared the important role Uzuakoli people played during the genocidal war against Biafra remained in the “enemy’s minds” and this inroad by Fulanis to Uzuakoli is to checkmate the activities of Uzuakoli people.

For that reason, it said, it is reminding Uzuakoli Community that “Land is never handed to Fulani Government in the disguise of building Federal Prison”.

It listed the leaders including the traditional ruler President-General and other prominent members who signed the documents that they must not sell lands to the Fulani to start Ruga in Biafraland and must vacate the land or be ready to contend with IPOB in Uzuakoli and its environs.

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