IPOB places bounty on counterfeit ESN, uncovers gunmen sponsors


In the quest to exonerate itself from allegations of terrorism and other gruesome acts levelled against it by security agents, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has unmasked and as well placed a handsome reward to anybody who discloses the hideouts of gunmen terrorising the south east.

Even as it pointed out some members of Ebubeagu security outfit as masterminds of the insecurity situations in the zone,it also set its accusing finger on politicians who has allegededly groomed the thugs for selfish political reasons but have now become terror.

IPOB in a statement made by spokesperson, Emma Powerful penned down the name of the sponsors and and counterfeit members of the Eastern Security Outfit (ESN) as One Nigeria, Sky from Umutanze, two (2) men from Umuna,Wasara, Commander from Amagu, Gezek, Akiriko Atta,No one,Double Lion and Uru. IPOB urge members of the public to report the under listed names to it for immediate action.

“These people listed above are brains behind the criminality  going-on in these communities which includes kidnapping, car snatching and rape. IPOB hereby declared them wanted, and anyone who can come up with useful information about them is entitled to a handsome reward.

” These vampires are forcing the residents to buy them arms or pay them money to continue with their atrocities. The so called hoodlums are supported by corrupt politicians and security agencies to weaken IPOB, and now they constitute high level of nuisance in our state. They carry out this evil act right from 12am to 3am daily.

“Again, the sham self-acclaimed ESN operatives terrorizing Orlu province of our land should be brought to order. They largely are part of the Killings, kidnappings and rapes going in that vicinity.

“These criminals mentioned have done more hsrm than good to our people living in Orlu area of Imo State. IPOB have always reminded the public that the above-mentioned hoodlums are part of criminalities going on in our land.

“No criminal should be allowed to demonize IPOB. These agents of dismay and their life-lines should be brought to justice as touching their atrocities.” Powerful stated.

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