Ifeanyi Ubah games village: An economic boom to Nigeria, by Acho Orabuchi


For most of us, the strident call for heavy investments in the southeast ring hallow and has fallen on the deaf ears. Most times the call seems very unexciting to some people, enigmatic, and sometimes utterly discouraging to continuously drumming to ears of the wealthy Nigerians to begin to site factories and other businesses in the southeast zone.

But to Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, whose personal fortune in Capital Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited and other multiple companies, is in billions of dollars, as well as impressive dossier in leadership, investment in big concepts—big ideas, is vivacious and a veritable instrument for achieving common good.

Ubah, who is aware of the details of his big ideas, has hands-on management style with every operation of his numer­ous companies. He breathes the art and science of business so well that he could narrate the details of his current auspicious project. So, business investment to him is less obstreperous, but pragmatically pallia­tives that allow for the emergence of superi­or ideas in the form of tangible business en­tities. Consequently, Ubah is never content with the present—he’s always looking for ways to correct the anomalies in the lives of people who need some helping hands. As a result, Ifeanyi Ubah is continuously em­barking on new ideas to uplift humanity in concrete ways.

Thus, while on a brief visit to Nigeria, I took time out of my busy schedule to tour one of his new concepts, the massive If­eanyi Ubah Games Village in Nnewi/Ozu­bulu under construction. I characterize it as massive because of the scope and financial resources that have already been invested in the project.

Also, the additional resources to be ex­pended before the completion of the project may better be imagined than estimated. The evidence of capital outlay for the project could be visible to those who have the op­portunity to be on the site.

When completed, the Games Village will house Olympic standard swimming pools, the Olympic standard track and field, indoor Hall, Five-Star Hotel, Women and Youth Development Centre, Sports Academy, Hospital, Training Pitch, Athletes Accom­modation, Industrial Technology Hub, and FC Ifeanyi Ubah International Stadium, the home turf for the football club.

The stadium will have two sections with one containing natural grass and the other containing synthetic grass of international standard. With acres of land for expan­sion, the Village could accommodate an amusement park to maximize the tourism potential.
Ifeanyi Ubah, a soccer enthusiast has the wherewithal to come up with the concept and execute it flawlessly to the completion. It is pertinent to note that the facility is being built by his own construc­tion company.

The most important thing about this project is the direct and indirect jobs it is currently providing. While on site, there were many construction workers toil­ing for income for their families. People in various segments of the construction industry were working tirelessly to com­plete the project on schedule. The con­struction of the project currently provides additional income and related jobs to the suppliers of building materials in the sur­rounding areas. I noticed that Ibeto Ce­ment is exclusively being used for the project.

Mom & pop businesses sprang up to ca­ter for the construction workers who must satisfy their heavy appetite for the heavy lifting. The construction of the Games Village is impacting the economy of the area as it promises to be a boon to the hospitality and tourism industries in the area in particular and in Nigeria in general because the entire operation will provide over 5000 direct and indirect jobs.

Upon completion the Games Village will have the potential to attract foreign visitors if packaged and marketed very ef­fectively in the foreign media. I strongly recommend that the operations of the fa­cility should target the American college students who want go out of the country for their spring break in March of every year.

Without a doubt, the Ifeanyi Ubah Games Village would be an attractive tourist center that would attract tourists of all ages from all over the world. It is destined to be the Africa’s best must-go place for the foreseeable future. So, tour­ing the massive Ifeanyi Ubah Games village under construction with the man himself, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah was insightful and served as a window through which I could assess the character and business acumen of Ubah. It was not a surprise to those who are familiar with business un­dertakings of Ifeanyi Ubah.


The man is a trailblazer and has been driven by a sustained vision and plethora of new ideas cascading on his holdings. Ubah’s primary focus is not necessarily to make money. He builds these businesses to enable people earn income through di­rect and indirect employment. In addition to the economic effects of his projects, the social impacts and cultural pride of If­eanyi Ubah’s investments in the southeast should be emphasized and highlighted.

If other wealthy people, in Nigeria could emulate Ubah and embark on simi­lar projects in their locale, they would lift people off from poverty. The standard of living of the people from the area would be enhanced significantly if industries are sited there.
(Source: Daily Sun)

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