If ndi-Igbo res­ident outside our region should come back home, where will they stay? – NIROH queries IPOB



Amidst the growing agita­tion for the realisation of a state of Biafra by some in­terest groups and individu­als in the Southeast region, a non-political/non-reli­gious organisation, Ndigbo Royal Heritage Worldwide (NIROH) has cautioned champions of the agitation to discard the project, insist­ing that there is no logic, wisdom, and intelligence in breaking Nigeria as a nation.

With their large popula­tion and huge investments scattered outside the shores of the southeast region, es­pecially in the Northern and Western parts of the country, NIROH warned that Ndigbo stand to lose should they secede from the rest of the country.

Dr. Paul Okoye, President General of the organisation sounded the warning note while briefing journalists in Owerri on the activities lined up for the one-week planned carnival.
Okoye, who lamented the 3-year civil war in the coun­try and its disastrous conse­quences on Ndigbo argued that what they (Ndigbo) need is a level playing field in the nation’s scheme of things and effective deploy­ment of their skill, educa­tion, creativity and brain for advancement.

“If our entire people res­ident outside our region should come back home, where will they stay and of course there will be an in­crease in crime. Igbo is an ethical nation and we must appreciate this.

“In the North, we are about 14 million in popula­tion and about 8 million in Lagos but regrettably, we have not been able to make maximum use of what we have hence we are where we are today”.

Okoye noted that lack of transformation, ob­jectivity, maintenance of the structure, and critical analysis of burning issues in the country have contin­ued to impede the progress of the Igbo nation, adding that Igbos westernise with­out a consequent back­ground to back that west­ernisation.

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