Family of Anambra man murdered by SARS demands corpse from police


A Twitter user, @Ada_mummyya, who allegedly lost a brother to the fangs of police brutality has taken to the social media platform to demand her sibling, Chijioke’s corpse about ten (10) years after he was allegedly murdered by personnel of the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad led by one CSP James Nwafor (retd.).

Ada tweeted, “Good morning Nigeria Police Force, I have a very delicate issue and I need your help. You see, next month will make it 10 years since my brother was taken from us by SARS, Awkuzu, Anambra State. One of your former employees, CSP James Nwafor (retd.), claimed that he had killed him.

“Now that is no longer the problem, we have accepted our fate as there is nothing we can do to bring my brother back to life. However, we need his body. We just want to bury him properly, please. Given that he wasn’t convicted of any crime, we deserve to have his body.”

She noted that her mother had been weary, and deserved closure for about 10 years now.

“I know this has been a long while but my mother deserves this closure. I’m so sorry to be bothering you with this again but, dear @PoliceNG, I’m tired of my mother praying for his safe return. His body will put her out of her misery.

“I beg you in the name of whatever you hold dear. Please, put us out of this pain. Release Chijioke’s body to us, please. I’m sorry to bother you people and I hope you understand me. We are begging, please, just give us the body, please.

“I promise never to disturb you all again, I will never tag you people or call you out again if you can just release us from this pain. My mum is yet again doing prayers for her son who is most likely dead. I can’t convince her to let go but you can. @PoliceNG, give us Chijioke,” she wrote in an emotional Twitter thread.
She stated further that her family was no longer fighting but only wanted her brother’s corpse in order to find closure.

“We are no longer fighting, we are no longer asking you for James Nwafor. We just want Chijioke, please. Next month will make it 10 years, please gift us Chijioke’s body. Please, pardon me for everything and save us from this pain.
@PoliceNG let us bury him at home, please.”

The bereaved appealed to Nigerian citizens to urge the NPF to return Chijioke’s corpse.
“Please fellow Nigerians, help us beg them. I am tired, I am very tired of prayer houses and dreaming of his return. I want to move on but this is the only way.

“Chijioke deserves to be with his family even if he’s dead. Help us, please. Please. I’m sorry. Please it can also just be a body part. Something we can prove to be him and that’s all. I will never disturb you all again.

“Just a body part we can test and be sure it’s him. Anything at all. Please @PoliceNG, please don’t ignore me. I beg you, please. I promise, I am tired. Please,” she wrote.

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