Peter Okoye fires brother, Jude as PSquare’s manager on Twitter


P-SquareMore cracks emerged in the PSquare camp on Wednesday as Peter took to the social media to sever ties with the group’s manager, who happens to be his senior brother, Jude.

Peter took to his twitter account stating that he wants Jude Okoye fired from managing P-square, insisting he remains loyal to his brother and singing partner, Paul Okoye.

Ranting in a series of tweets , the 34-year old said:

“I don’t have a problem with Paul but the management.

“My loyalty for P-square and the fans still remains 100%, a manager is been employed by the artiste not the other way round. #truthBeTold.”

There have been conflicting stories about the relationship between the brothers for a while and until now they have been able to paper over the cracks. Acknowledging that fans have been concerned about the group for a while, Peter explained that he had no problem with Paul and did not expect the ongoing conflict to affect the group.

In his response, which comes after over nine hours, Jude took to his twitter account to accuse his brother of losing his mind, adding that he should be prayerful as only God can rescue him.

He further urged fans to pray for his brother, insisting that Peter is currently going through a lot of difficulties.

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