Enugu Chief Fire Officer says INEC headquarters main building safe, 5 vehicles burnt


Mr Okwudili Ohaa, the Chief Fire Officer of Enugu State, has said the timely intervention of Fire Service saved INEC headquarters from burning down completely.

The fire broke out at the INEC headquarters in Enugu, located at No. 1 Achi Street, Independence Layout, at about 9:30 p.m.

Ohaa said on Monday that five INEC operational vehicles were completely burnt while one was partially burnt.

According to the Chief Fire Officer, the fire-fighters from the state’s fire service were able to put off the fire at about 10:30 p.m.

“Our timely intervention saved INEC headquarters Enugu from burning completely.

“We were able to quench the fire immediately as it tried to spread to the main building of the INEC Headquarters.
“It only gutted two seats, probably visitors seats at the corridors upstairs,’’ he said.

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Earlier, the state’s Commissioner of Police, Mr Mohammed Aliyu, told NAN at about 11p.m. on Sunday that he was on ground and taking control of the efforts to put off the fire.

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