Enugu 2023: Mbah, Pinnacle Oil and enemies within, by Anthony Ugwuodu


True to expectations and in line with their usual stock-in- trade, since the news broke of President Muhammadu Buhari’s planned commissioning of the Pinnacle Oil Tank Farm in Lekki, Lagos, which was performed on Saturday 22, October, 2022 the opposition Labour Party in Enugu mainly of few defected and aggrieved PDP members, Nsukka social media e-rats and their paymasters have been in total shock, disarray and worry, instead of being happy and supportive of Pinnacle Oil’s great success and achievement.

Their worries are expected and typical of them. It emanated from the mudslinging, bitterness, blackmail, pettiness and enviousness that have characterised their politics and campaigns since Mr. Peter Mbah, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Company emerged Enugu PDP governorship candidate against their preferred aspirant, Bar. Chijioke Edeoga.
Before now, there are nothing these hired Nsukka Labour Party social media urchins led by Edeoga himself have not peddled against Mbah, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and other PDP candidates on social media platforms to ruin their hard-earned reputations.
Theirs have been campaign of calumny and name calling like never before with Governor Ugwuanyi and Mbah as major targets.
In a bid to see if they could scuttle the commissioning or discourage President Buhari from commissiong the project which is the biggest tank farm in West Africa and capable of providing jobs for thousands of unemployed Nigerians, these Nsukka Labour Party hirelings and their sponsors penned a fictitious petition signed by one Bar. F.N. Ezea hiding under the guise of amorphous Enugu Lawyers For Good Governance, asking President Buhari not to commission the gigantic and unprecedented project.
They have peddled all sort of blatant lies about the Pinnacle Oil and Gas Company, which include that Mbah used Enugu state money to establish the company without providing any substantive and incontrovertible evidence to substantiate their kindergarten false claims.
They even alleged that Senator Chimaroke Nnamani owned Pinnacle and in addition to other sundry lies they have been spewing against Governor Ugwuanyi, Mbah and other PDP candidates.
They fabricated the fake social media story linking Mbah with attack on IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu and Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, just to pitch him against these people on the day the Pinnacle Oil Tank Farm was commissioned.
This is how destructive and pettyminded these Nsukka Labour Party social media hirelings and their sponsors are. They are conscienceless and synonymous with propaganda and lies. They can go to any length to bring or run anybody down on social media in the name of politics and divisive campaigns.

They have done it to churches and their leaders in the state without bathing eyelids. They have peddled lies and tried to blackmail prominent Enugu and Nsukka political leaders that are supportive of Gov. Ugwuanyi, Mbah and PDP candidates.In all these allegations they peddle, they have not approached or petitioned anti-graft agencies with any of these lies against Mbah, simply because they don’t have anything genuine or evidential against him.

Mbah has on several occasions challenged these social media e-rats and their paymasters to provide evidence of corruption or indictment against him. They have not provided any evidence to that effect.

What they have been doing is to hide under the poor regulatory framework of social media platforms to concoct lies against Mbah and Governor Ugwuanyi. In this case, they are the plaintiff, defendant and judge at the same time and in their own matter.
These social media bandits have not shown the world how Mbah who left government since 2007 and never looked back or asked anything from government since then till today used Enugu Government money to establish the Pinnacle Oil and Gas Company.
They are yet to provide any evidence where Mbah was indicted or jailed for corruption. But they keep slandering Mbah’s character on social media and passing judgment on him out of bitterness, envy, malice and wickedness.
They are yet to show the world the achievements of their candidates outside occupying political offices and hovering around corridors of power to seek for government patronage and political appointments for survival.

Mbah is a wealth creator and an entrepreneur per excellence. He has broken a jinx in a private and competitive oil sector and will surely replicate it in public office with the unflinching support of Ndi Enugu.
That is why the whole world is already celebrating and congratulating Mbah ahead of the governorship election in Enugu. They know that his victory is assured, because he is the best among the equals. He is a phenomenon.
Not even the inconsequential elements like Nsukka Labour Party social media e-rats and their sponsors with no political base or value can stop Mbah, Governor Ugwuanyi and other PDP candidates from emerging victorious in 2023 elections in Enugu state.

Ugwuodu writes from Agbani Road, Enugu

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