Enugu 2023: Group warns against attacks on ex-commissioner


Dr Victor Nnam

A political pressure group, Alliance for Youth Inclusion in Government, has called out some politicians in Enugu State, to stop tarnishing the image of the immediate-past commissioner for Lands and Urban Development, Dr. Victor Nnam.

The call followed reactions that have continued to trail Nnam’s recent visit to the governor of the state, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, at the Old Government Lodge on New Year day.

National coordinator of the group, Chris Mustapha, in a press statement made available to journalists in Abuja, expressed displeasure over what he called campaign of lies and calumny against Dr. Nnam following his visit to the Enugu State governor.

He noted that rather than politicians concentrating on how to convince Ndi Enugu to vote for them come 2023 elections, they have decided to be throwing tantrums against any move by the ex-commissioner and allegedly sponsoring campaign of lies against him for their selfish interest.

“We urge those who have been infected by the 2023 virus to stop spreading falsehood, concocted and planted by the foot soldiers of some disgruntled politicians who are envious of the growing popularity of Chief Nnam as their machinations cannot stop what God has ordained.

“As of today, he has not informed us of such intention, but we wouldn’t hesitate to garner support for him should he decide to heed the clarion call.

“Some of us at the national level who already know his capacity are fully aware that he wouldn’t disappoint the Youth Constituency if Ndi Enugu considers him worthy of leading them. Look, leadership come with a lot of burden and Dr. Nnam through his track records has shown that he is a man to watch.

“The New Year is here, and the politics of 2023 appears to have begun in earnest, a bit too late for those whose politics is the person of Dr. Victor Nnam. They are too busy talking about VCN and never talk about themselves.

“They are too busy throwing mud at Chief Nnam and never telling the people what they have in stock for the state. Interestingly, they have made the phenomenal history maker called Nnam, their politics.

“The new year message of many of those seeking political offices in 2023 or their sympathizers was laden with hysteria, there is for them a certain neurotic frenzy about the person of Surveyor Dr. Victor Chukwuemeka Nnam.

“The Youths across the country pushing the Youth O’clock fervency must rise up to the challenge and tell the present crop of politicians that youth is not a minus but a plus. We must sing the praise of young people doing profound in our political firmament, and VCN is one of them.

“We must also inform that Youth O’clock is not about alienation but a call to inclusive, effective, efficient and effectual leadership. In VCN, the Youths have found unequalled competency and capacity.

“Dr. Nnam is a testimony of responsible and responsive leader. The records are so glaring that t he blind can see,” Mustapha stated.

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