Buhari stops by Ebonyi


On crop up, secure partnership-based stunts, formulated with innovative purposes and implemented with world-class engineering exactitude, will usher in his inauguration. The man behind the deeds, the custodian of the magnificent works, jubilant kingpin of his own people, the governor of the state, by name Engr. David Umahi, will prudently escort him round. The projects are so cumbersome such that the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, had to visit earlier some weeks ago to establish a few. Hence, there are more to set in motion when Mr President evacuates reason being that they are almost finalized.

Some of the projects to be initiated includes the University of Medical Sciences, Uburu; the university flyover, Uburu;  Uburu-Mpu dualized federal concrete road linking Enugu and Ebonyi states; President Muhammadu Buhari four-way light tunnel flyovers, Abakaliki; the ultra-modern state shopping mall, Abakaliki; Margaret Umahi International Market and twin flyover, Abakaliki; the new Government House and new State Ex-co Chambers, Abakaliki, to mention a few. The Medical University will engage both scholarship and professional exercise to proffer fierce aids that should end ultramarine medical prance. It is already purveyed with newfangled futuristic medical facilities you can find in a world-class medical space around in the world. The market is vast and demands for a rating Africa-wide. All these projects are just a nosedive in the orison of substructures spread by Gov. Umahi.

Counting over 16 super-flyovers, one of the famous Inyere Bridge in Edda, definitely headed for the Guinness Book of World Records, Umahi, without shivering should be proud to receive Mr. President. The Ebonyi Airport, hopefully to be perfected, and is almost due, will be counted the most visible, most attractive and most purpose-driven airport.

Mr. President is to view notable hundreds of kilometers of durable concrete roads stretching across all the local governments, the biggest universal center in the country, a brand new centenary city and a number of other achievements. Yet, Ebonyi is almost at the haunches of the federal budgeting list. How Dave Umahi implements all these startles even his illustrious critics. Truth remains that, the President might not recall the state he came by some years ago, a lot has transformed!

At dark, the foreigners will observe eye-wear that will combat Times Square in New York City, alongside drawing lights and contending spout. The street lights do not blink or go off. The charming halo reminisce about your safety in the environment.

As Mr. President stops by, the rice plantations, the yam barns and the entire food basket of Ebonyi will be twinkling a welcome song. Our traditional legendary dances, our famed care and the sincere looks of gratitude of a people will welcome him. Above all, Mr. President will understand why Ebonyi people suggests Umahi should succeed him. Welcome to Ebonyi State.

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