Beware of Internet lovers, Angela Okorie advises ladies


angela-okorie-2It seems Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has taken up the role of big sister to fellow ladies.Leadership reports that she recently sent out a strong advice to ladies who get carried away when their men call them sweet names to show that they are the only ones in their lives.

The beautiful actress who recently shared a meme that reads, “Don’t feel special. These niggas call everybody Bae and tell everybody they love them,” told them (ladies) to be on the watch out.

Angela who agrees with this statement affirmed that it is what most men do despite the fact that they are in a relationship.

The actress who, it appears, may have been hurt by a social media lover, stated that any man who depends on the social media for a love affair is worthless.

“I saw this sh*t and decided to post it. Girls don’t be too excited when your boyfriend calls you that, because as he is saying that to you he is also going around calling other girls bae, my sexy madam, mummy I like, pretty girl, my love, and so forth still goes around on instagram begging girls to follow them, especially people you are following. What kind of a man will be living on instagram, Facebook and some other networks and post pictures more than women? Only a jobless man. My girls please don’t be deceived by any useless man holla.”

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