Aninri/Awgu/Oji-River Federal Constituency 2023: KGB hosts Aninri stakeholders


“PDP in Aninri Local Government Area is in your able hands,” those were the opening remarks of Hon. KGB Oguakwa when he hosted the Stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, from Aninri Local Government Area.

During the parley which is in continuation of his engagement with critical stakeholders in the Aninri/Awgu/Oji-River Federal Constituency, Rt Hon KGB Oguakwa extolled the “sacrificial tenacity of the Party Structure in Aninri, assuring them of his loyalty to the Leader of the Party in Enugu State, His Excellency Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as well as his solemn commitment to the service of each one of them and all communities.”

Oguakwa reiterated that his “strong suits are loyalty, experience, competence, knowledge, honesty, inclusive mobilization, humility and unwavering hope and trust in God”.

He appealed to the Stakeholders to support his ambition with their prayers and to accept the political mathematics which may allow Oji-River Local Government to complete its 3rd Term in the House of Representatives, just like Awgu has served, whilst making the required sacrifice since the Senate seat has remained in Aninri for 5 terms till date.

Speaking during the meeting, a Member of the PDP State Executive, Hon Ogbonna Chukwu (a.k.a. Onyikodoro), praised Oguakwa for convening a Stakeholders Meeting rather than act like those Aspirants who have ignored Stakeholders but rather have gone ahead to directly search for Delegates to the Primaries who were all nominated by the Stakeholders themselves anyway.

He recalled the respect and partnership which Oguakwa had always accorded to Stakeholders during his service at the House of Representatives and prayed that “our Leader and Excellency, Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi should approve KGB’s ambition so that all hands will be on deck to ensure his election.”

In his remarks, Hon DKSN Ukpabi, a Development Center Administrator, corroborated Oguakwa’s assertion of working closely with Party Stalwarts during his tenure at Abuja restating that himself and other persons whom he knew did recurrently receive welfare packages including motorcycles etc from the then Lawmaker. Ukpabi also extolled Oguakwa life of loyalty to his Leaders just like he’s clearly visible loyalty to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

Going down memory lane, he recalled that it was because Oguakwa stood by and refused to abandon Dr Chimaroke Nnamani during his travails that he (Oguakwa) was not now serving what would definitely have been a 5th term at the House of Representatives today. “KGB Oguakwa is an epitome of loyalty. He stands firmly come rain or shine”, he added.

Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Transportation, Hon Barrister Peter Ajah, regaled the Meeting with his personal testimony of KGB Oguakwa’s inimitable humility and capacity to reach out and keep in touch with almost every Stakeholder all through the years, even with people he had never really had any personal relationship.

“That is a hallmark which is missing in many leaders and prospective leaders today who only call upon you when they want to contest for offices”, he added, praying that the will of God should be done with regards to Oguakwa’s ambition.

Mrs. Chinwe Chukwuanyim, addressing the Meeting, prayed for God to touch the heart of “our Leader, His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to find favour with Oguakwa and endorse his aspiration to return to the House of Representatives, through Christ our Lord, Amen.” Adding that because of KGB Oguakwa’s antecedents in stable character, loyalty and dutiful representation, “I consider it an honour and privilege to be associated with you”.

Ochiagha Ndumeze – Barrister Ofobuike Nwanjoku and Stalwart Dr. Desna Ajah, who both spoke in the same vein, extolled the character of loyalty, humility, accessibility, kindness and forceful representation qualities of Oguakwa and had no hesitation in endorsing him if the Leader “our Governor the White Lion decides that the seat is rotating to Oji-River Local Government Area”.

In her comment, the Zonal Woman Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in the Enugu West Senatorial Zone, Lolo Victoria Nwachukwu, praised Oguakwa for his humility in convening a meeting of Stakeholders and for his transparent loyalty to “my leader His Excellency Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi” praying God “ to grant this good man the desires of his heart”.

Youth Stalwart Hon Ndubuisi Charles Chukwuanyim, (who spoke with the visible nodding-concurrence of Hon Christian Onyeabuchukwu Aninri LGA Youth Leader who was present at the Meeting with the LGA Women Leader Hon Mrs. Dolly Ani), Mr. Chukwuayim who was roundly applauded for stepping down his strong aspiration to contest the House of Assembly Seat in 2023 which he did in deference to the existing zoning arrangement within Aninri Local Government, praised the youth-friendly temperament and style of KGB Oguakwa and pledged to mobilize the support of all the Aninri Youths, most especially those from the Obeagu Oduma area, if Oguakwa clinches “Gburugburu’s endorsement and the nomination”.

The Meeting had Administrators of the Development Centers in Aninri Local Government Area present as well as State and Local Government Executive Committee Members, Governor’s Appointees and Stalwarts

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