Anambra issues alert of Avian Flu outbreak


bird-fluThe Anambra State Government has alerted members of the public to the resurgence of Avian Influenza in some states around the country.

Members of the public have been by this announcement advised to observe personal hygiene to prevent the spread of the disease.

“All poultry farmers in the state are also advised to clean their surroundings, and to report cases of sick birds to the nearest veterinary clinic,” Uju Nwogu, Anmabra Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, stated.

“Similarly all veterinary officers in the state are by this announcement requested to commence surveillance/sensitization visits particularly at live-bird markets in the state to avoid the contact and spread of the flu.”

The disease, which is usually associated with birds, can also be transmitted from bird to man.

Also known as Bird Flu, can be transmitted through direct contact with infected birds or poultry materials.

Symptoms of the disease include fever, sneezing, cough, diarrhea, trouble breathing, general ill feeling, muscle aches, runny nose and sore throat. (News24)





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