Adekunle’s daughter receives death threats over Biafra comment


Biafran Flag
Biafran Flag

Mrs. Busola Olagunju the daughter of late Brig. Benjamin Adekunle, said she had been threatened by several unknown persons who claimed to be lovers and sympathisers of Biafra.

Late Brig. Benjamin Adekunle was a commander of the 3rd Marine Commando that fought in the Nigeria Civil War.

She noted during an interview that there was no loggerhead between her father and erstwhile president Olusegun Obasanjo over issues surrounding their contributions to the war but the debate between them was who contributed more to the war.

“Some say my father had already conquered the whole of Biafra and that Biafra was already like a tablet of soap when Obasanjo took over from my father. But even if it was a size of postage stamp, the truth is that Obasanjo took over when the war was still on.”

Olagunju, a legal practitioner disclosed that she started receiving various death threats immediately after the interview on Facebook.

“Some people attacked me over my comment in the interview. They said I must die for my comment on Biafra. I will not take the threat for granted, I will report to security agencies,” she said.

The messages sent by different persons on her Facebook page reads, Richard Onyema wrote, “U (You) will die soon, watch and see.”

Christian Rowland suggested that children of all Nigerian soldiers should be tracked and killed.

Mayor Edeh said Biafra would return while saying that Olagunju would join her dead father while Anyiamite Iscariot called for her hanging.

Chimezie Williams said, “She (Olagunju) should consider herself dead. I have informed her.”

Christian Anyamele said, “Busola Olagunju, the daughter of Black Scorpion, your father killed Biafrans and you are happy about it.”  (The Punch)

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