2023: What endears people to Mbah’s candidacy – Mike Ebuka


Prior to this moment, I never knew that politics could be this endearing. I had always seen politics as a game played by avaricious men in their bid to gratify their mundane desires.

I suddenly developed an interest in politics because of a man whose body language speaks volume of an individual whose quest is to engineer an all-round transformation. A man who is coming to change the status quo, as the prayer of every society is for change to be constant. A man whose pursuit to elevate the current economic and social status of our dear state, Enugu, is not enmeshed in any dirty process, antagonism and assassination of other candidates’ character.

I regard him as a political cognoscente in the area of public service delivery to the people. A man whose heart of eleemosynary is incomparably and incommensurably seen in his extension of alms to the indigents through his “We care because you dare, Peter Mbah Foundation”.

The Peter Mbah Foundation is a charity organization established many years ago to extend a hand of help and hope to the needs of Enugu indigents. It has helped thousands of youths stand on their feet financially in life and in the areas of their endeavour, and can as well be regarded as the saviour of many stranded poor homes during the COVID-19 lockdown.

When people were in fear of going out to meet people during the COVID-19 pandemic, the officials of the Peter Mbah Foundation, driven by her innate altruism, took the risk at the expense of their lives to go out and gift hundreds of Enugu people money and numerous food items to ameliorate the harsh realities of the lockdown.

Peter Mbah in his quest to motivate our youths into a voyage of talent-discovery announced a N1.9m worth Jingle Challenge for his guber campaign. The Jingle Challenge ignited the spark for creativity among Enugu talented folks who won huge money prizes.

No other candidate would have done such, rather they resort to casting aspersions on candidates and dishing out all manner of lies to stray the public in a strange direction of calumny. What on earth would have been debarring other candidates from holding a town-hall meeting with the people?

Is it not obvious that the reason we are not doing better in giving people the much desired projects is because we assume we know what they need without availing the people the direct chance to say and itemize their needs based on their scale of preference and priority?

Peter Mbah spotted this lacuna and vowed that he must fill the gap. He goes deep into the society through his town hall meetings in the 68 Development Centres of Enugu State, which is ongoing, and where he interacts with Ndi Enugu, documenting their requests and needs, with a strong commitment to execute them once the mantle of leadership is given to him by the people.

The urbane entrepreneur and oil magnet had recently launched the biggest oil tank facility in the whole West Africa worth over a billion dollars. A facility the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari unveiled irrespective of their political party differences.

An Igbo man building a facility which attracted the presence of Mr. President had indubitably placed Igbo nation on the world map, an indelible footprint laid by the Enugu masterclass entrepreneur was and still, today, a talk of the town in the country. It always shows the experience of industrialization that Peter Mbah has, which he has resolved to bring to Enugu for the growth of our economy, state and the people. That shows possibility and resilience displayed by a determined man of ingenuity.

His capacity touches both the private and public sector. During his days as a Commissioner for Finance, Enugu State, he made a remarkable impact in the state by introducing a blueprint which the ministry of finance is still using today.

Who else could we have believed in if not a man whose track records are not just traceable, but stunning, a man whose impact on human lives is still being overwhelmingly felt?

Peter Mbah’s worry about the health and wellbeing of the poor made him doll out money to help provide them succor. He always does this without expectations or reward from them.

Just a few days ago, Peter Mbah through the hospital he built for his people launched a N2M health insurance scheme for hundred indigent persons in Nkanu East, to ensure the people afford adequate healthcare.

We wouldn’t go much into the number of undergraduates that are under the sponsorship of this godsend of a man, and the enormity of the numbers of Ndi Enugu, Ndi Igbo and Nigerians who are currently gainfully employed at his firm, Pinnacle Oil and Gas Ltd. How can we trust another man with our mandate when we can’t truly say what their past records are, as it concerns the interest and care for the people, and the act of adding value to lives and societies.

On this note, I exhort Ndi Enugu and Igbos within the state coverage to pray for the Lord’s showers of blessings upon this gentle fellow, Dr. Peter Ndubuishi Mbah as he embarks on this most-needed mission for a better and prosperous Enugu State.

We shall stand upon this rock because every other ground is either sinking sand or holding on on a pseudo scape.

Dr. Peter Mbah is the answer to an agelong prayer of Ndi Enugu for a robust and industrialized economy. Would it be fair to God, man and ourselves to cast blind eyes to this reality?

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