2017: No vacancy in Anambra Govt House – Ogirisi Igbo


Willie-Obiano-5Chieftain of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief Rommy Ezeon­wuka, the Ogirisi Igbo, tells THEO RAYS that there is no vacancy in Awka Gover­nemnt House, come 2017.

Anambra State gover­norship election, ac­cording to the election calendar kicks off in 2017. To this end, political gladiators in the state have dimly or clearly began to make moves to­wards the election with some out rightly revealing to their close associates that they will run the governorship race. In this interview a chieftain of All Progressives Grand Alli­ance, APGA, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka, the Ogirisi Igbo, in a no-holds- bared inter­view proclaims there is no vacancy in government house at Awka, as far as 2017 race is concerned.

Chief Ezeonwuka who is a member of APGA Board of Trustees (BoT) stated that the incumbent governor, Chief Willie Obiano has to com­plete two terms of eight years for the northern senatorial zone just as the former gov­ernor served two terms for the central senatorial zone and on this back-drop, there is no vacancy in Government House at Awka stressing that the two-term equation can­not be disrupted under Obi­ano who is doing wonderfully well.

The Ogirisi Igbo who is the proprietor of Rojeny Tour­ist and Games Village Oba, said that it is high time Ndi Anambra either by omission or commission borrowed the political formula of zoning and rotation of power from Enugu State where the gov­ernorship seat rotates around the three senatorial zones of Enugu East, Enugu West and Enugu North senatorial zones respectively.

He noted that Enugu has set a good example of zoning and rotation of power follow­ing the return of democracy in Nigeria in 1999 by paving the way for all the senatorial zones to produce the gover­nor of the state noting that former governor and Obia­no’s immediate predecessor Mr Peter Obi laid the founda­tion of zoning and rotation of power in Anambra in 2013 by insisting that the northern zone should produce his suc­cessor.

He added, “For the interest of democracy let us embrace the system of zoning and ro­tation of power in Anambra State; let Obiano complete the two terms of eight years for the north and the power would shift to the south in the subsequent dispensations, considering the fact that Obiano is doing creditably well, let us give him another chance and cement the for­mula of zoning and rotation in our own best interest”

Elaborating on Obiano’s performance, the APGA BoT member stated that the in­cumbent governor has con­spicuously rendered service of good governance to Ndi Anambra in the most critical area of security, road infra­structure, revolutionized the agricultural sector, trade and commerce, effective youth empowerment drive, consoli­dation of progressive atmo­sphere in education, health, sports and above all prompt payment of workers’ salaries at a time when other states are owing workers backlog of salary arrears.

He said “it is on record that Obiano brought tight secu­rity in Anambra state using land, air and sea equipments to flush out dare devil crimi­nals, he gave the police se­curity cars and helicopters to monitor and track criminals in their hideouts and recently he gave out gun boats to the Navy with a view to enhanc­ing their operations in the riverine areas in the state we have not had so in the state, this is the first time the Navy is being well equipped to lend support in crime fighting.

“Again he has given Awka the capital territory a wonder­ful face lift with flyover bridg­es along Onitsha – Enugu ex­pressway, exposed the people into massive agricultural de­velopment propelling people to embrace farming and at­tracting huge investments in agriculture, today Anambra is exporting agricultural pro­duce to foreign countries and earning foreign exchange in return

“It is also on record that, the governor has empowered the youth more than all his predecessors put together, to­day youths hold political po­sitions as special advisers and special assistants to the gov­ernor, it has never happened in the state. Again Anambra is conducive for business cour­tesy of the governor’s business friendly policies on trade and commerce. The commercial city of Onitsha is now free from street trading that hith­erto constituted nuisance to the city”

The APGA chieftain went further to explain that under the state a wonderful rela­tionship between the execu­tive and the legislative arm of government working as twin brothers pointing out that there has never been a dull moment in Anambra under Obiano as the executive and the legislative arms as well as all departments, agencies and parastatals are busy work­ing for the development and progress of the state.

On this note, chief Ezeo­nwuka is insisting that Obi­ano’s second term is a well-deserved one and as such the good people of Anambra state have every good reason to throw their weight and vote behind him and re-elect him for a second term. (The Authority)



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