MASSOB threatens to exchange Naira for Biafran currency


naira_dollar_cbnMovement for the Ac­tualisation of the Sov­ereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has threat­ened to start exchanging naira for Biafran curren­cy in Igboland.

Speaking in Onitsha, Anambra State, the MAS­SOB Anambra North Di­rector of Finance, Mr Martins Ezeaka, said since the value of the nai­ra has depreciated, the group may reintroduce the Biafran currency and make people use it in South East, as it did in 2011.

MASSOB former leader, Chief Ralph Uwa­zurike, had on February 27, 2011 launched the Bi­afran currency, vehicles, motorcycle plate num­bers and driver’s licence.

According to Ezeaka, “now that the naira has depreciated, it is to the advantage of Biafra cur­rency because you can buy things with Biafran money at a very cheap price.

“We can now consoli­date our finance sector with valuable economy to meet the world stan­dard and we attribute this feat to our brain, re­sourcefulness and holis­tic approach to the strug­gle for a Biafran state.”

He stated that corrup­tion was responsible for the disparity in the ex­change rate of naira in the official and parallel market.

“It is corruption in the financial sector that made the naira to exchange for N200 of­ficially and about N350 in the black market,” he stated further.

Also contributing, the MASSOB Director of Agriculture in the zone, Comrade Obaji Obaji, said Biafran land is fertil­ised naturally for enough healthy farm produce, adding that for now Bi­afra has food that can sustain it until a Biafran state is actualised.

“We now go into mechanised agriculture in places like, Adani, Igbariam,Atani, Nsuk­ka, Abakaliki, Ogbaru among others,” he said. (

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