How Jude Okoye split P-Square – Peter

The Okoye brothers
The Okoye brothers

Howie T, former manager of sensational singing twins, Peter and Paul Okoye popularly known as P-Square, has laid the blame of the group’s breakup at the doorstep of Jude Okoye, their elder brother.

In an interview granted an online entertainment news portal,, Howie T said that Peter complained bitterly to him about the over-bearing influence of Jude on the group.

Hear him: “When I saw Peter’s Tweets, I called him and even went to see him to talk to him about it. He said Jude is the problem, that he doesn’t have any issue with Paul. He told me that in a normal setting, a manager is supposed to be their employee and not the other way round, but Jude always uses his influence as their elder brother to boss over them.

“He also said managers collect between 15 to 25% of an artiste’s income but in their case they share everything equally and he’s not happy with that sharing formula.”

According to Howie T, Peter felt cheated for not being given equal treatment. “Things like this mess up an artiste’s creativity. Peter is a composer, dancer and singer. When they sit down to vote on songs that’ll make their album, Paul and Jude vote for more of Paul’s songs than Peter’s and these are the things that piss him off,” he said.

Apparently disturbed by the allegations leveled against him, Jude tweeted on Thursday that he should be allowed to enjoy his peace. “Please I stopped being Psquare’s management for over a month now (for the 4th time). Let me be at PEACE. Thank you,” he stated.

Meanwhile, former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, has decided to wade into the crisis rocking P-Square music group. Highly ‘disappointed’ with the twin brothers, Obi called them separately on Monday, advising them against making a decision that would ruin their career.

“There’s still hope for them to remain together. The former governor called both of them separately on Monday, including their elder brother Jude and advised them not to allow outsiders come between them. He reminded them of the old African adage that says blood is thicker than water,” the source said. (Daily Sun)

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