Niger Delta Avengers blow up more Chevron oil wells


    niger_delta_avengersThe Niger Delta Avengers early yesterday blew up two oil wells located in Warri South West of Delta State belonging to Chevron Nigeria Limited.

    The militant group claimed responsibility for the attack on RMP 23 and RMP 24 which it said were Chevron’s swamp highest producing wells.

    “With the heavy presence of 100 gunboats, 4 warships and jet bombers, NDA blew up Chevron Oil Well RMP 23 and RMP 24, 3:44AM this morning, “the militant group announced via its twitter handle @NDAvengers.

    “We will not be making any comments,” Chevron’s spokesman, Deji Haastrup, replied in a text to our reporter.

    The group claimed that it achieved the success “to show the whole world that the Nigerian military is good in harassing innocent Nigerians.”

    It had in earlier tweets challenged the Nigerian military to a combat.

    The latest attack came as President Muhammadu Buhari visits the Niger Delta region today, the first time since taking office a year ago.

    Buhari will visit Ogoniland to launch a clean-up of areas heavily polluted by oil spills.

    Buhari had said on Sunday said government would hold talks with leaders in the region to address their grievances in a bid to stop a surge in pipeline attacks.

    The militant group which has claimed a string of recent attacks has mostly hit Chevron’s facilities. (Daily Times)

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